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The 2017 ACL FESTIVAL features a lineup performing on eight stages at Zilker Park over two weekends, Oct 6-8 and Oct. 13-15.

R.LUM.R sang several songs from his new EP and blessed us with an unreleased song as well. He had a more laid back portion of his set in the beginning but brought the tempo up with, “Bleed Into The Water” and the whole crowd was rocking.

His lyrics will have you in your feelings. He sang all of his popular tunes and a performed a nice cover of Frank Ocean’s, “Thinkin Bout You” and ended his set with his hit, “Frustrated”. He has a great stage presence and connects well with his fans - but it is his falsetto that will have you swooning!

Words by Adesewa Faleti.

Photos by Stephanie Devon Warren
Photo by Stephanie Devon Warren

A$AP Ferg: Running traps on Zilker Green

A$AP FERG is quoted as saying, “They call me ‘Trap Lord’ because my hustle game is impeccable," but he forgot to mention that his showmanship was on point as well.

Earning his spot on the large American Express stage, Trap Lord had a sea of wypippo trappin’ on the Zilker green early Saturday afternoon. It was clear that he was there to entertain his loyal audience — which consisted mostly of youngins in the age 15 to 18 years range, and it became obvious that A$AP culture was deeper than expected. Ferg’s DJ TJ would do this cool thing where he would play a split second of a song then stop and Ferg would say, “You know what time it is!” and the fans did in fact know what to do for each song with little other direction.

Overall the best part, besides Ferg’s consistent energy in his delivery, was his crowd interactions. He brought people up on stage to do flips, he hugged a crying girl in the crowd, and he took the time to walk down a protected path to kick it with the people in the way back.

Words by Monique Hatch


The free ACL 2017 shuttle to the festival from Republic Square at 4th and Guadalupe Streets was quick and painless. The people watching is always entertaining and a reminder of why this is such a coveted festival. Everyone was out with the family and friends with their chairs and blankets…just kickin it. The vibe and energy in the air just felt right. At the ACL Eats food sections, the lines were moving with quick and efficient vendors.

Words by Adesewa Faleti


Based on his location, I think the ACL planners underestimated the drawing power of THUNDERCAT. He was placed under the Tito’s tent which was a welcome relief from the heat, but wasn’t big enough to house his followers. The crowd fanned out around the tent and disrupted a few of the ACL Eats area next to the stage.

Bass guitarist, producer, and singer Thundercat came out in basketball shorts covered in what looked like Asian-inspired decorations with Kool-Aid colored dreads and a smile to match. I heard a few people doubting him based on these choices, but as soon as he launched into his smooth and hypnotic jazz-electronic-funk-soul fusion, most of the newcomers grooved along as he played his bass, eyes closed.

Words by Monique Hatch

Photo by Stephanie Devon Warren

From what he was saying on stage, one could reason that ICE CUBE was well aware of being ACL’s annual ol’ school hip-hop act.

However, O’Shea did not come to play with this performance. Cube gave a high energy show unapologetically guiding festival goers through his catalog from NWA to present. There was no space for hand holding, Cube delivered each line as if he just wrote it at his momma’s house in Compton.

Words by Monique Hatch


Wow. Wow. Wow. Chicago native CHANCE THE RAPPER hit the Honda stage with Grammy-level production as one of the closing acts of Day 2, Weekend 1 ACL.

If you don’t know by now, Chance loves Jesus and he didn’t flinch while saying it in front of a crowd of thousands at Zilker’s western point. He began his show with what can only be called praise and worship as he led the crowd in a cleansing chorus of “when the praises go up, the blessings come down” from the song “Blessings.”

Mini dance parties were created all throughout the massive crowd. His show was enhanced by the amazing background vocals of the group, Third Story and the trumpeter, Nico Segal. The accompanying angelic voices of the background singers was enough to make you forget the heat, crowd, and dust swirling around you.

Words by Monique Hatch and Adesewa Faleti. Photo by Stephanie Devon Warren.

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