How to Participate in the #gaw2019 blog tour

We bloggers are sometimes deep thinkers. For example, if pencils came with erasers at both ends, what would be the point?
Alanagh, the current blog tour manager

So you want to know what it's all about?

The New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog Tour encourages all who have experience with or interest in, giftedness and talent, and gifted education, to share their views. Launched in 2011, this annual event reaches audiences around the globe, with each June bringing fresh blogs for readers to engage with.

What's your story?

Not sure where to start?

Or take a look at these great blogs by kids

Your voice matters!

How to share your story

Step 1: Complete the 'I want to blog!' form to let us know you are keen.

Step 2: Craft your blog. Make sure it is something new you have put together especially for the Blog Tour, either independently or with others.

Note: You might like to write about an experience, your thoughts, feelings, create a story or write a poem. However, blogging doesn't have to be all about writing. You might like to create something that represents the blog tour theme and photograph it to include. You might like to record your voice, make a comic strip, or use some other method of getting your views across to the audience. Be as creative as you like! It's your blog after all and it should be something you are proud of.

A selection of images from blogs in previous Blog Tours

Step 3: Choose a picture which you own or can legally use. If you don't have an image of your own, you can search images in Creative Commons. Insert this near the top of your post. This is important because most of our readers arrive via Facebook, and pictures make posts more visible on Facebook.

Add an image at the top of your post which represents the topic of your blog, and the Blog Tour logo at the end of your blog.

Step 4: Be sure to include the Blog Tour logo (as shown below). You should be over to right click over this image and select 'save image as' . Be sure to put the logo near the bottom of your post, otherwise, when your blog is shared on Facebook this will be the image that will appear, and our most loyal readers will think, “I've seen that one before. I don’t need to read it.”

Step 5: Send us the details of your blog by the agreed date.

To publish your post, you can share on your own blog website and share the url (web address) with us in the 'I want to blog!' form, or email us the link. Alternatively you can email your post to us so that we can put it all together as a blog page on the NZCGE website.

Step 6: Enjoy your moment of fame, and support other bloggers in theirs, especially the children who contribute.

Important notes:

  1. Kids who are participating in the Blog Tour need to be aware that there is no delete button on the Internet. What is posted will remain on the Internet even if the blog itself is deleted. For more information on web safety for children, click on the link below.
  2. Please note that no post which shows disrespect toward others will be linked to the Blog Tour homepage, even if you have a prior agreement to contribute, or if you add the Blog Tour logo.

You can also follow @NZGiftedEd on Twitter.

Please help to share the blogs widely.

Thanks in advance for your support of our gifted kids, by participating in whatever way you can.


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