Tattoos on The Heart By molly Harper

Chapter 5 Slow work: The theme of this chapter is Slow Work and this to me means that the patience is often hard to have . Many of us try to rush things instead of living for the moment. And living for the now instead of living for next year or for twenty years . My favorite story was the story of Pedro's dream. This for me showed that we all have something to make us happy or something to work for, but sometimes the way to get there is with help from others. In the end, we are the only person who can create and do this.

Chapter 6 Jurisdiction: the theme of this chapter is being apart of everyone's spheres of acceptance. But it's not important to be in everyone's, it's better to be in a small group who truly cares for you than to be in everyone's while they don't care. The story that stood out to me the most was Flaco's story. This showed me that doing something you think is ok but it could really throw everyone off guard and affect them greatly. And that people of opposing sides could make a turn for the greater when tragedy strikes.

Chapter 9 Kinship: the theme of this chapter is sharing characteristics with everyone around you. This means that we are, in one way or another, connected. Wether it be by activities or beliefs. My favourite story was when P-Nut called Father Greg. He somehow made me laugh even though he wasn't intending to. This showed me the different types of support and the different ways people can handle hearing news.

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