What is Good Food? lauren fruth

Good food comes from a homemade garden with no hormones added to the food, or chemicals.
Chickens get abused at chicken farms. They are over fed with hormonal food to a point where they can't walk anymore, fall over, and die. Chickens don't get to see sunloight, and get physcially abused during the night.
Cows graze in the sun, and get fat. Some farms do not clean up the manure and let the cows walk around in it, not knowing it's unsanatary. When they go to be slautered, they do not clean off the manure.
Fast food is bad for people's health because of sodium, and sugar. The meat also comes from the same factory grocery store bought meat comes from. But, more fattening.
Many people go to baked food such as, cupcakes. The thing about junk food is, it isn't considered "good" food. Yes, they taste good but, they aren't good for you. People need healthy fruits, veggies, meats, and water/milk.
Pomegranate is my favorite fruit. There's PLENTY of food there, to fill you up. They eat away your fat in your waste, and are very healthy for you.
Sushi is my meat of choice, fish. When eating sushi, you get filled up off of 6 rolls. The rolls are filled with rice, and fish. Sometimes they will put in veggies, also. They are a very healthy choice.
Smoothies are another one of my healthy choices. You can put everything healthy all in one drink. Try fill you up, and you can find thousands of receipts for them.
Milk should be served with almost every meal. It has calcium and vitimins a persons bones need to be strong. This is my choice of drink during breakfast and dinner. Sometimes even lunch.


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