Laguna Beach oil spill response update City of Laguna Beach, California


City Task Force Works Together to Open Sand and Keep Community Safe

Our Laguna Beach Oil Spill Response Task Force, made up of members of our Public Works Department, Marine Safety Department, and Police Department worked together early Friday morning to reopen the sand for the public. Only the sand - not the shoreline or water - is open in Laguna Beach. Through out the weekend, this task force has continued to work together to mitigate reports of oil, provide updated signage and maintain shoreline closures due to the oil spill.

US Coast Guard Clean-Up Crews Worked Throughout the Weekend to Clean Our Beaches

US Coast Guard contracted clean-up crews from Patriot Environmental Services (crews pictured here in yellow jackets) worked continually all weekend cleaning Laguna beaches. We do still have reports of some small oil tarballs coming up at some of our beaches. The US Department of Game and Fish has been also very responsive in skimming any small amounts of oil seen in the ocean from our drone before it makes it to the beach.

Future Reopening of Water to be Done in Consultation with Partner Agencies

The City of Laguna Beach will work with the Incident Command Post Public Assessment Unit and the Orange County Health Officer to determine when the water is safe to reopen through County water sampling and testing. The County is anticipating to receive the results of the testing by mid-week. The City is also conducting its own water sampling through Rincon at four locations. A sampling was done last Friday, another one today and we will continue sampling our coastline several times weekly and compare our samples to those done by the County.

We will continue to monitor the beaches for the next few weeks. There may be intermittent isolated beach closures if there is oil appearing on beaches.

WEATHER: An incoming storm is anticipated mid-week with wind and precipitation. Remnants of the oil spill continue to move further south. Beach clean-up activity may be halted temporarily due to the storm, and will continue after it passes.
Approaching the shoreline (where the ocean meets the sand) or entering the ocean water for any activity is NOT permitted at this time in Laguna Beach due to the oil spill.

Please Do Not Attempt to Clean or Pick Up Oil on Beaches

If you see oil contamination or oil tar balls on beaches, do not attempt to pick them up or touch them. Please call the Marine Safety non-emergency line at (949) 497-0310 or email tarballreports@wildlife.ca.gov.

Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen Observes Oil Spill Impacts from Air With US Coast Guard

From left to right: Senator Henry Stern (Malibu), Supervisor Lisa Bartlett and Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen survey the oil spill from the air with the US Coast Guard.

On Friday, Laguna Beach Mayor Bob Whalen, Supervisor Lisa Bartlett and Senator Henry Stern surveyed the Orange County oil spill impacts from the air with the US Coast Guard.

Oil Spill Clean Up Efforts to Date:

- 11,400 feet of boom deployed

- 5,544 gallons of oil recovered

- 1,600 shoreline clean-up personnel

How to File a Claim for Personal & Business Impacts Due to Oil Spill

A claims number has been established for any individuals or businesses that feel they may have been impacted by the oil spill incident. Please call 1-866-985-8366 and reference “Pipeline P00547”.

If your vessel or boat has been impacted by the oil spill, we want to remind people not to clean their oiled vessels with any type of soaps or dispersants. Using these products can make the situation worse as they are not effective on this type of oil.
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