Alfred Eisenstadt By: Meagan Westling

December 6, 1898- August 23, 1995

Style of Photography: Candid Photojournalism

Techniques: Fill the frame, natural lighting, candids and more

One of the first photographers that worked for life magazine

Eisenstaedt preferred the smaller hand-held Leica, which gave him greater speed and more flexibility when shooting news events or capturing candids of people in action

Typically used natural light as opposed to relying of flash lighting

He became a professional photographer in Berlin and came under the influence of Erich Salomon

He won the most fame in Times Square on V-J (Victory over Japan) Day in 1945, ending World War II.

I like all of his photographs he took. The reason that I picked this photographer is because I like when pictures are candid.

Created By
Meagan Westling

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