Ryan's Goal project English 2|period 2

semester goal

By the end of this semester my goal is to finish with an A or a B in all my classes.

Some ways i can accomplish this goal is by turning in all my work in time in all my classes and doing all my work.

English Goal

My English class goal is to turn everything on time and end the year with an A or a B.

I can accomplish this goal if i do all my work correctly before the due date.

High school goal

My goal for high school is to graduate.

I can accomplish this goal if keep doing all my work and keeping my grades good.

After high school goal

After high school my goal is to go to a university or college to study to become an accountant.

I can accomplish this if i keep doing good in school and if i do good in a university.

Personal growth goal

My personal growth goal is to become an accountant and be able to buy my dream car

I can accomplish this goal if i go to a university and become an accountant.


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