• ISO: 400
  • FOCAL LENGTH: 55mm

I took a trip to Glasgow city centre with my camera to see what images I could capture in an urban environment. While down by the river Clyde I came across this bridge. I liked the reflection that was being cast on the still water. Combined with the line up of busses I felt it created nice symmetry within the image. I chose to edit the photograph into black and white because I felt the cityscape with all its different colours was distracting and felt the black and white edit tied the foreground together with the background. I did find however, after converting to black and white, the sky was very flat because it had been overcast that day. To overcome this I used the dodge and burn tool in Photoshop to add some detail back into the sky as well as a soft vignette to pull focus towards the bridge.


  • ISO: 100
  • FOCAL LENGTH: 24mm

To capture this night shot I set my camera up on Guy Faukes night in Kilmarnock to experiment with long exposures on the fireworks. After having mostly failures the year before I decided preparation would be key. Before the fireworks started I scouted out a spot nearby the display where my view would not be obstructed by people watching the display. I made sure my battery was fully charged as long exposures can drain a battery quickly. I chose a lens with a wider angle to be able to capture the whole scene and set my camera to bulb mode at the lowest ISO setting my camera would allow. To avoid camera shake when doing the long exposures I used a tripod and a remote shutter release. By using the bulb mode as apposed to set times on the shutter speed I felt it gave me more freedom to hold and release when I felt would be best to capture the fireworks. I think this image worked particularly well because the small firework mirrors the same colours as the bigger one. I also felt the details of the trees and building in the bottom third of the image gave context and scale to the image which I felt was important.


  • APERTURE: F5.6
  • ISO: 800
  • FOCAL LENGTH: 42mm

To capture this industrial shot I went to Greenock. I had been told that down by the waterfront there was a lot of evidence of industrial decline from the shipbuilding industry Greenock had once been such a big part of. As I walked along this long stretch of wall I stopped periodically to take photographs as I found the barbed wire running along the top quite intriguing. When I came across the graffiti I thought it could make for an interesting image as part of the wall, however after crossing the street to change my view point I thought the shipping containers in the background really added a lot of interest too so I decided to include them. As there was so much going on in the image with different colours and textures I felt a black and white edit made it a much stronger image as it keeps your focus on the lines and textures and brings the whole image together. I think this image works well because there is a lot going on, I find there is a lot for the eye to look at.


  • APERTURE: F4.5
  • ISO: 800
  • FOCAL LENGTH: 18mm

This rural shot was taken in Kelburn Country Park in Largs. I had taken my camera up there originally for the view point across the Clyde and the marina however I discovered a lot of beauty when exploring the grounds around the castle. As it had been a cloudy day and the trees from the forest meant I was mostly in the shade I had to use a higher ISO and wider aperture to get the correct exposure. I found the lines from the stairs and the railing leading from the foreground into the image really draw your eye into the photograph and add an element of mystery as you cant see what it is thats at the top of the staircase. I chose to edit the final image into black and white as I felt it really added to the mystery of the photograph. I also turned up the clarity slightly to really draw out some of the details in the leaves and stairs. It is for these reasons I chose this as part of my final selection.

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