Mcauley going uniform free ? Carolina Correa

For the past 60 years Mother Mcauley Liberal Arts high school have had strict uniform policy. But, today I purpose to make the school uniform free. In this presentation you will see that this proposal will not only benefit the students, but the faculty and staff.

The Anarchy: Mighty Macs are busy students. They are constantly juggling school work with sports/activities and having all nighters studying for that history test. So, it is no wonder students forget to put on their ID or where socks with burgers on them. However, this results in 1 in 4 students receiving dententions or having the dean constantly remind teachers to perform uniform checks. This whole fiasco can be avoided by simplying letting students wear whatever they want and the teachers can simply go on with their class.

The parents: It seems that every year Mcauley is raising the tuition and so the parents are simply looking for any way to save money for the new school year. Taking away this burden of uniforms will help families who are already making a sacrifice in sending their child here.

New projects: Instead of spending money to get service from School Belles, the money can be put into other things. For instance, the money can be used to buy a 3D printer for the Art and Emerging tech class, a new light system for the theater kids, or simply buy art supplies because their is never any white acrylic paint.

Will their still be order?

Mcauley has a reputation of discipline and well behaved girls, so it many be scary to let the girls have freedom in what there wearing. However, we can still have a simple dress code to make sure everyone is dressed like a true Mcauley women. Plus, when we do have dress down days most of the girls just wear sweatpants and whatever hoodie they can find.

In conclusion: Mcauley having a uniform free will help the students and the teachers focus on giving the girls the best education possible.

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