Rhythm And Resistance By Aaliyah Mobley


Resistance is the refusal to accept or comply with something or the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. It's important to show resistance because it’s structural to our American democracy. Poetry shows resistance in many different ways. It resists stereotypes, beliefs, inequalities, the art we create, and many more things. My poems resists the stereotypes associated with being African American and being brought down because of our features as in naturally curly hair and so on. I hope my collection of poems demonstrates how my character’s confidence always changed in the end to a positive attitude.

My poem “My Curls” is a great example of resistance because so many African American girls are insecure about their hair because of people's opinions. The line “People use to say hair like mines was a distraction, but I admire my hair’’ shows that even though people said her hair was a disturbance, she still had confidence in her curls and wasn't allowing them to bring her self-esteem down. Most of my poems have a switch up, and they would start off with a negative attitude and as the poems go on they begin to get more confident as they flow. I hope my readers will gain more confidence while reading my poetry.

I’ve been writing poetry for some while now, but as we got into the unit “Rhythm & Resistance” it made me look at poetry in a different way. It isn't always about the negative things, sometimes you have to celebrate the good things. It’s something I wasn't used to doing but I'm glad that I opened up to resisting more.

''The Problem We All Live With" By Norman Rockwell

the problem we all live with

As I walk worried but appearing calm in

between the four officers

I think...Why don't they like me?


Hurtful words splattered across the building

Hurtful words that I pretend don't hurt me


My head taking in all the wounding words

Wondering… Why must they criticize


A young girl like me, wanting everyone's

education to be equally free


Not separate us because one’s skin is

pale and the other golden like brown sugar.


And as I grow up this is a problem I have to live with.

''Large Curly Afro'' By Keturah Ariel

My Curls

People use to say hair like mine was a distraction

But I admire my hair. Its curliness, untamed

Allowing my texture to have no name.


When wet, it’s spongy... loose curls yet still kinky

Waking up every morning with the smell of coconut oil

Filling my bathroom


I'm not gonna lie, I use to be insecure

When it came to my hair.

Wanting to damage my hair with heat

Making it straight.. to allow others to see


But Now...Today...I will walk with confidence

My natural curls blowing in the wind

With a mind of its own not being afraid to be free

Because it...my curls...define me.

"Mother" By Kasia B.


This will be easy.

This won’t be easy.


One little operation and it’ll all be over.

One little operation and I’ll lose my baby.


I do at least 10 of these a day.

I never thought I would be getting one of these.


My family knows I do this for a living.

My family doesn’t even know i’m here.


After this appointment i’m meeting my friend for coffee.

After this appointment I might go home regretting what I did.


I wonder how many patients I’ll have today.

I wonder if my family found out what I did would they be disappointed.


Week by week I get a good amount of money for doing my job.

Day by day i’m going to miss my child that was never born.

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