The Camargue, Cotes de Provence, France Photogrpahy By Teresa mabry reed © 2016

The Camargue is western Europe's largest river delta. It is a triangular area lying on the coast of Provence. A river delta where the Rhône meets the sea, a marshy island bounded by two branches of the Rhône and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Camargue is home to more than 400 species of birds. Its brine ponds provide one of the few European habitats for the greater flamingo.

The Camargue is an internationally important site for wetlands.. It is also one of the few European habitats where greater flamingos nest.
Full Moon in the Camargue
Spotting thousands of pink flamingos is not something you might expect to see in France but that’s what you’ll find in the Camargue region.

Rose Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus)

Parc Ornithologique du Pont De Gau, Flamingos arrive to feed for the evening.
Flamingos feed with their heads down, and their bills are adapted accordingly. Part of the flamingo's filter feeding is accomplished simply by swinging the head back and forth and letting the water flow through the bill.
Feeding time
The flamingo’s diet includes brine shrimp, small fish, insects, blue-green and red algaes. The diet is the reason for the flamingo’s pink or reddish color. The color of the flamingo’s feather is also an indicator of health and a preference in mating selection.
Soft Provence Light
Flamingo stand on one leg to maintain warmth. When it is hotter birds stand on two feet, while in cooler weather birds prefer the one-legged stance.
Soft evening light in the Camargue
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