Make the choice with Chance By: Selam Berhea


Change doesn't happen by chance, change is a choice.

Chance the Rapper is not only a rapper but a philanthropist. Most recently known for his work as a public education advocate. In early March, he donated $1 million to Chicago Public school's. In 2015, he joined with a non-profit to provide coats to the homeless.

Overview and Objective

The purpose of this social media campaign is to engage young people in being the change they want to see in the world. It is easy to feel hopeless as if there is nothing you can do that will impact enough change. When the people who have power don’t do their job, aren’t here for your community, aren’t here for your benefit, that’s not right. And if you can’t work through these formal systems to enact change then why don’t you be the change? This campaign is timely because April is National Volunteer Month. I would like to use Chance the Rapper's influence and weight with young people to encourage them to be change makers in their communities.

Target Audience

The people who listen to Chance the Rapper- young people, ages 16-23. We hope to mobilize this group through Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


  • Engaging with at least 200 users on Twitter.
  • Highlighting 7 people doing amazing service on Snapchat.
  • Create an Instagram showcasing young people servicing and building in their communities. At least 18 days for each day of the campaign.
  • Inspiring young people to think big by incentivizing them to volunteer by holding a contest that lets 10 winners meet Chance the Rapper and attend his concert.

Campaign Details

We will accomplish the objectives above by hosting a 18 day photo contest that encourages youth to volunteer. The hashtags used will be #ChangeIsAChoice #ChangeByChance. Students will take pictures of themselves volunteering in their communities, write a caption that describes what they are doing, and use the hashtags.

Social Media Plan


The majority of our social media activity will be on Twitter because that is where Chance the Rapper is consistently active i.e. tweeting and retweeting everyday. Best place to engage him also. High share-ability.



Next we will use Instagram to post some of our fave pics of youth volunteering. One pic a day at least.


We will create a Snapchat account for Change is A Choice. Different young people will host each day. Chance the Rapper will host on the last day of the campaign.

Incentives for Participants

We will be retweeting all the photos using the hashtag. If it catches his eye you have the chance to be picked as one of our winners. There will be 10 winners.

  • Winners get flown to Chicago for a Chance the Rapper concert.
  • Will be able to meet Chance the Rapper and have a sit down conversation with Chance about bettering their communities.

Literature Review

Do Something Campaign

The Do Something Campaign lists several campaigns that young people can sign up for on their website. Volunteers take pictures of themselves in action and submit it in order to be entered to win scholarships.

The Do Something Campaign is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The WE Movement

The WE Movement hosts an event called WE Day which brings together youth volunteers from all over the state. Recognizing schools and groups who have done great work. WE Day brings many celebrities and speakers to the stage- former guests include: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Elie Wiesel, Malala Yousafzai, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, the Jonas Brothers, and more. The WE Movement is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


By using Chance the Rapper's brand to hold this contest Change Is A Choice will change the culture around change. Through this campaign we will empower youth to be the change in their communities as Chance the Rapper has been the change in his. We would like to embed in this generation the idea that change doesn't happen by chance, change is a choice.

Created By
Selam Berhea

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