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Web Developement

From web development, live video marketing, and social media strategies, we focus on your goals and help you succeed in the new world of marketing and having your brand be seen. We can begin with web development, since this should be the central point of all your produced content and information of your product or service. Most websites are focused on only giving information and then lie dormant, loosing validity over time by not having updated content. LSM offers services that can resolve this problem, and provide solutions and ideas to keep your business competitive.

Live Streaming Consultation

Live Streaming is the premier method of literally speaking to your market. Using social media platforms, you can place your brand where the eyes are. We are experienced in preparing your Brand to go Live. From equipment to training on how to prepare your content, we offer solutions that make your brand look professional and without breaking your marketing budget.

Media Production Products

From livestreaming applications to hardware we offer methods for you to get your brand noticed. Below is one of the products that have helped create professional looking content.

Content Distribution Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions for content creators to monetize their shows, movies, music, plays, comedy and so much more that is advanced and even interactive. Meet and interact with your fans from all over the world.

We use the latest in online technology such as OTT distribution where you own your content and reach the masses, to more personal interactive solutions.


Modern business begins with a website that is prepared to handle content. From blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media, the content makes you relevant to your specific market. Markets are using computers, mobile phones and tablets to make desicions from purchases, to legal choices.

Mobile devices are used to interact and purchase is surpassing that of a computer.


Marketing your business today includes social media, including doing Facebook Live to reach markets that do not respond to traditional marketing methods.

LSM will help in creating strategies to maximize your businesses goals in reaching younger generations.

Live Streaming is a direct conversation to your market. It personalizes you to your consumer and permits you to transparently introduce your product or service. This is unlike any other form of marketing. The opportunity for an interactive conversation is unlike anything that has been available before. Neither TV ads, nor radio are interactive. Mailers, and email may not reach your customers eyes as they are treated often as SPAM.


From interviewing experts in your field, real estate, to entertaining shows about cooking, live streaming can be used to inform and grasp your audiences attention. It opens opportunities and permits ways to address concerns. Primarily, it is used to present that you are knowledgeable and an expert in your field.

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In this sample we follow a real estate agent through a normal “open house” demonstrating the businesses info on screen much like a TV show, but adding value by focusing on the experience, rather than a sales pitch. It shows authenticity and provides opportunities to answer questions.

Cooking show live stream


We interview an up and coming fashion designer before she presents her new product at the NY FASHION SHOW during Fashion Week. With live streaming, you can present the content how ever you like, wherever you like. Technology permits you to stream from anywhere. LSM will provide a variety of solutions from low end to hi end based on your budget and needs.


Your business may introduce products or services at events. Take advantage of the opportunity of using free broadcasting capabilities, to reach your audience and potential market. Any opportunity to develop a relationship is key to a successful future in business. Between live streaming and social media with video media, you present your brand, its goals and how customers will be treated. Presenting yourself will create a comfort and relationship before your customer ever meets you in person.


Live Streaming Master offers consultation where we discuss how your business can benefit from web development, live streaming and social media. Services include marketing strategies that including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Blogs, vlogs, use of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. LSM also provides sales of equipment of all budgets, that can allow your business to reach your goals and proper training to use the tools. Once setup, the use of platforms like Facebook and Youtube and other are free.

We are in no way associated with Facebook, Youtube or any other social media platform. Guarantee of success is strictly controlled by your commitment to your business and use of the tools. The tools by themselves will not make your business succeed. So take a deep breath and make your business move. Bring your Brand to LIVE.

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