Maori Culture

Traditional foods

In the Maori culture there is only Rewena bread that is traditional, Rewena is mainly severed with raw fish and is also good with other meals and it is good on its own. They also have Hangi it is not a traditional food but it is a traditional form of cooking.

Traditional Clothing

The Maori people made their clothes and decorations from native plants, bird and other animal skins. There was a great collection of garments including many kinds of capes and cloaks. Clothing adornments or hairstyles could show a lot about someones status. the ancestors of the Maori used planets such as Harakeke, cabbage trees and grasses to make fabrics. Maori garments were hand woven mainly by women, this skill was passed down within families. All the necklaces were made from stone and bone and ear pendants were made from bird tails or even live birds


The Haka is a type of ancient war dance which was traditionally used on the battlefield or when groups came together in peace. the haka is a fierce display of a tribes prides, unity and strength. the words sang during the haka are often poetically describing ancestors and the events in the tribes history. till this day the haka is still being used during Maori ceremonies and celebrations to welcome guests and show the importance of the occasion. this includes events like weddings and birthdays, the haka is also used to challenge opponents on the sports field.


Iwi is a Maori word for a set of people bound together by descent from a common ancestor. some of the tribe names are Ati Awa, Kai Tahu, Kati Mamoe, Moriori, Muaupoko, Nga Rauru, Nga Ariki and Ngai Tai. there is probably over fifty tribes.

Who is the Maori

The Maori are the native Polynesians of new Zealand who arrived in new Zealand from east Polynesia in several waves before 1300 CE. The Maori people developed a unique culture with their own language, crafts and dances but the arrival of the Europeans changed the way the Maori people lived and the Maori started adopting the ways of the European man.

Where do they live

The Maori people lived in the north and south islands while the tribe called The Moriori lived on chatham islands almost 900 km east of christ church


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