Monument Valley April 2017

My sisters Jean Spanko and Cathy Carver and I spent three days in mid-April 2017 visiting spectacular Monument Valley, Arizona. It is the land of the Diné people, the Navajo nation, who call this Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii meaning Valley of the Rocks. This Navajo tribal park straddles northern Arizona and southern Utah on the Colorado Plateau. It is a cluster of red sandstone buttes, spires and mesas, with names like East Mitten, Three Sisters, Yei Bi Chei, and Cly Butte. Here are some photographic highlights of our tour.
Sunrise at West Mitten Butte (L), East Mitten Butte (C), Merrick Butte (R)
Sunrise, East Mitten Butte

Hogan, traditional home of the Navajo

Hogan interior

Big Chief (far L), West Mitten (L), East Mitten (C), Merrick Butte (R), Elephant Butte (far R)
Looking south toward Monument Valley, Rte 163 in Utah, 13 miles north of the Arizona-Utah border.
Navajo trading post at Three Sisters spires
The Totem (R) and Yei Bi Chei (L)
Rain God Mesa
Clockwise from top left: Cly Butte, North Window, The Thumb, Spearhead Mesa
View from Artist's Point: Mitchell Butte (L), Sentinel Mesa (next right), Big Chief (C), Merrick Butte (center L), East Mitten (next right), The Bear and Rabbit (R)
Dawn at the Mittens and Merrick Butte, seen from The View Hotel
Mitchell Butte, seen from The View Hotel
sunset from The View Hotel
Moon over Monument Valley
The Mittens and Merrick Butte


Photography by Keith Carver

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