Walt Disney Company Parks and resorts


1. Financial Stability

2. Philanthropy

3. Employee Benefits

Financial Stability

  • Disney is a Fortune 500 company
  • $52.5 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year
  • Quarterly earnings of $2.9 billion for its first fiscal quarter
  • Diluted earnings per share increased by 36% from $1.27 to $1.73
  • Parks and Resorts revenue for the first fiscal quarter was $4.3 billion


  • In 2016, Disney gave more than $400 million to nonprofit organizations
  • Since 2012, Disney has donated 23.1 million books to children and schools
  • Disney Voluntears have contributed more than 2.9 million hours of service since 2012
  • Non-profit organizations can request funding right on the Disney website

Employee Benefits

  • Made Glassdoor’s top 20 employee benefits list for 2016
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • On site childcare
  • Free admission to park for employees, their family, and friends
  • Discounts on hotels, cruise line, and merchandise
  • Discounts at select restaurants and participating local businesses
  • Many different education programs including an education reimbursement program


  1. Stable company to work for
  2. Gives back to communities locally and globally
  3. Provides employees with basic as well as unique benefits


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