Pasta Fish Nekton

  • Genus: Piscibus Pastas
  • Common Name: Pasta Fish
  • Species: Fish

The Pasta Fish got its name by the tri-colored spine on its back.

It lives in the demersal zone on the bottom of the ocean floor, but on th costal area. Usually where Coral Reefs are found, you will find an Pasta Fish.

Abiotic factors:

  • Temperture- 88 degrees F
  • Salinity- 38.6 PSU

Physical Traits

The eye size of the Pasta Fish is unique. it has one eye very large and the other much smaller. They are on the side of the head of the animal. The larger eye is to help the fish see at night while swimming through the dark sea. The smaller eye is for the day time in the light. The mouth shape is an oval shape, average size. The fish has a boney tri-colored spine to help fend off predators and also, his colors help it blend in with the colorful reefs. The fish has no teeth, it swallows all its food whole.


The Pasta Fish pulls oxygen through his oval shaped mouth and it goes through his body to his tail to push out the oxygen. The fish always has its mouth opened.


The fish breathes from his gills from oxygen in the water as he moves through the seas.


The Pasta Fish sticks to small microorganisms because he has no teeth. he eats animals, such as zooplankton through his mouth as he swims. The fish does not stop to eat, he swims to the animal and swoops it in his mouth and swims off.


Fish eggs

The Pasta Fish produces 50 eggs every 6 months. Both the male and female produce 50 eggs each and lays them until they are ready to be hatched. The eggs then hatch and are ready to start their journey in the sea.

Defense Strategies

Since the fish has bright colors, it is able to blend in with the reefs it lives in. With the colorful rocks, other fishes, plant life, and ect. being there at the reefs, it is able to hind and camouflage its way around. The fish can also injury fish badly with the boney spine on its back.

Plankton, Nekton, or Benthos???


These are not Pasta Fishes but these fish are also nekton. This is what a Pasta Fish would look like swimming against currents, independently.

The Pasta Fish is a Nekton because it is able to swims freely through the ocean on its own against currents.

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