The Great Gatsby Summary By sam, alissa, and dalton

In 1920 there once was a man, a man who wanted his past to be his future. His name was Jay Gatsby. In The Great Gatsby the story is told by Nick Carraway. Nick Carraway moved to New York city to sell bonds. He lived in West Egg, a district in New York city.

His cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband, Tom, lived in East Egg, New York. Nick Carraway went to the Buchanan’s house to see Daisy and Tom. It is there at Daisy’s house that Nick meets Jordan Baker, a famous golf player. After Nick leaves the Buchanan’s, he sees a man standing on the end of the dock next to his. Nick assumed that this elusive man was the person who has been throwing extravagant parties next door, Jay Gatsby.

The day after Tom invites Nick to go into town with him. On their way in they stop to fill up at Wilson's Gas Station and go in to talk with Wilson, the owner. Suddenly Wilson's wife, Myrtle, comes downstairs and asks Wilson to go and fetch some chairs. During this Tom and Myrtle kiss and Tom tells her to go into town without Wilson.

Nick and Tom continue to head into town and meet Myrtle at the train station. On the way to a hotel, where they are heading to for a party, they stop and Tom buys Myrtle a puppy. When they get to the party Tom and Myrtle run off together and Nick finds Jordan there. After some drinking Tom and Myrtle get into a fight, because Myrtle mentioned Daisy's name. After the fight escalates Tom punches Myrtle and breaks her nose and thus ending the party.

When Nick and Tom get back Nick gets a message from his neighbor. He opens it up to find that it is an invitation to his next party. When he goes over he discovers that most of the people at the party weren't invited at all.

At the party Nick finds Jordan Baker, after this they start to see each other more often. Nick and Gatsby talk about his past, including how he met his friend Dan Cody and how he learned to make money. They also talk about Nick's cousin Daisy and how Jay is in love with her. Jay asks Nick to set up an appointment for tea with Daisy for Jay, Nick agrees and soon Jay is moving flowers and other expensive decor into Nick's house.

When Daisy comes over at first she is curious as to why Nick has all these flowers and why he wanted her to come over alone. Soon after she enters the house she sees Jay Gatsby and begins to cry from joy. After some small talk Daisy and Gatsby go and look at his house.

A couple days later on the hottest and most unbearable day of the year, Tom, Nick, and Jordan take Jay Gatsby’s yellow car, that is just about out of gas into town while Daisy and Jay take Tom’s car into the town of New York. Tom and crew stop to fill up the car. Mr. Wilson feels sick because he knows that his wife Myrtle is having an affair but he doesn't know that the man having affairs with his wife is Tom. Once they get to the hotel Tom keeps questioning Jay about his past, after enduring these questions Jay wants Daisy to tell Tom that Daisy doesn't love Tom anymore, but Daisy tries to change the subject. Daisy doesn't succeed and Jay tells Tom that daisy never loved him.

After the argument Daisy drives Jay’s car as they head home from New York. On the way Daisy wasn’t paying attention to the road and Myrtle runs out in front of the road. Daisy hits Myrtle and she is dead from the vehicle impact. Daisy still drives off in fear of what might happen. When they get home Jay tells Daisy that he will take the blame. Everyone believes that Jay killed Myrtle with his car. When Nick, Tom, and Jordan get home Jay tells Nick that Daisy was driving the car but that he would take the blame for her sake.

Mr. Wilson goes to find the driver of the car who killed Myrtle. He thought it was Tom because he had filled up the yellow car. Tom told Wilson that Jay was the driver who killed Myrtle. At Jay's house, the poolboy offers to clean the pool but Jay wants Nick to swim with him. Unfortunately Nick said he had a train to catch and would call him. After Nick leaves Wilson comes after Jay after shooting him dead in his pool Wilson then kills himself. After Nick hears the news he plans the funeral and the reception for Jay. Daisy and Tom leave for a trip to Europe and do not leave an address or a number to call. Nick calls Meyer Wolfsheim and tells him about Jay's death. Wolfsheim says that he wants details about Jay’s funeral but he does not attend. In the end nobody came to the funeral of Jay Gatsby except Nick and Mr. Gatz, Jay’s Father. This symbolizes that no matter how much money can get you, it can't buy you true friends who will be there until then end.


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