February 6, 2017

Thank You

I just want to thank you all for the amazing work you did helping with Youth Sunday! We couldn't have done it without you! Also, you guys did such a great job with the videos!

Leader Training - Special Needs Students

We will have a short training this coming Sunday, February 12th, immediately following 1st service. The training will cover our policies & procedures at Hope when dealing with our special needs students. *If you are unable to attend, please let me know.


Here is a list again of everything coming up. If you haven't already informed me, please let me know ASAP as to which events you are planning to attend (& if you are able to drive if needed).

  • Burgers & Bowling - February 19 (NOT PROVIDING TRANSPORTATION)
  • Winter Jam - March 12 (PROVIDING TRANSPORTATION)
  • Spring Retreat - March 24-26 (PROVIDING TRANSPORTATION)


As some of you know, yesterday we talked about the topic of dating with the students. I wanted to encourage you to extend the conversation in your groups (even if it's a couple of minutes). Here are the scriptures that I referenced if you'd like to use them in your discussions:

  • I Corinthians 6:9-7:19 - Commands us to be pure & talks about the seriousness of sexual sin & instructions regarding marriage.
  • I Thessalonians 4:1-8 - Don’t wrong or defraud one another in relationships.
  • Song of Solomon 2:7 - We shouldn't "awaken love until the time is right";  before the proper time...meaning marriage.
  • Proverbs 6:20-7:27 - Warning to avoid sexual sin & stupid relationships that will bring you down, make you compromise values.
  • James 1:13-15 - Temptation has to be taken very seriously.
  • Romans 13:8-14 - Love others, work for the good of their souls; don't look to please self.
  • Romans 14:1-15:7 -Favor others, not self ... value what's good to their souls.
  • I Timothy 5:1-2 - Treat each other as brothers & sisters in Christ, with absolute purity.
  • Titus 2:1-8 - We should focus on self-control & Godliness.
  • John 14:15 - If you love Christ, you will obey His commands - above your own desires & live a life according to the Bible.

January 18, 2017

Groups Resources

Please feel free to use any of these resources to enhance your Groups:

Special Needs Students

Last night, I had a long discussion with leadership & was enlightened on much pertaining to our policies & procedures at Hope when it comes to dealing with students that have special needs.

With that being said, I've learned that we as leaders are compelled to have some tools & training to help better equip us as we walk along side the families in need of assistance.

Kathy Weaver would like to hold a short training for us Next Wednesday, January 25th, immediately following Groups in the youth room.

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday is next Sunday, January 29th. Below are the areas of service we currently need students to be plugged in. The plan would be to have our adult leaders overseeing & running point in the areas below:

  1. Greeters - Greeting people @ the main & side doors of the building.
  2. Hospitality - Walking around in the commons area (the lobby) assisting with greeting & directing people.
  3. Ushers - Greeting & directing people at the auditorium doors, handing out bulletins & assisting with the offering.
  4. Cafe - Assisting in anyway we possibly can.

Future Events

PLEASE MAKE OUR EVENTS PRIORITY. These are important to our students! They are designed to give you consistent connection points to have organic conversations that help us better with furthering our mission in the HSM of "PURSUING STUDENTS RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE & POINTING THEM TO JESUS".

  • Bowling - February (TBD). We will meet @ location & NOT provide transportation for this particular event.
  • Winter Jam - Sunday, Mar 12. Spots for students will determined by how many leaders can attend & transport.
  • Spring Retreat @ Camp Carl - Mar 24-26


Leader's Challenge

Coach, challenge & encourage a specific student to share the gospel this month with a lost friend.

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