Does modern technology effect relationships in a negative way? By Gianna Russo



Cyberbullying has a huge effect on relationships, mostly negative effects. Tons of teenagers go through cyberbullying everyday! Cyberbullying is hard to handle because most teens are on their phones often so messages go through a lot more. Cyberbullying is something that the bully can get arrested for. It's not really a surprise though, it's like a crime. The victim can slowly get used to the bully saying bad things and starts to “believe” the things. Victims can resort to committing suicide and/or go into a “deep depression”. Instead of doing that you/they should tell a trustworthy adult.

Social Media

Social Media also can effect relationships. Sometimes people may post a picture you might not what on social media, like an embarrassing photo of yourself. That can lead to arguments that can ruin a friendship. Social media isn’t so bad, but sometimes people can get cyber bullied on it! For example; You posted a picture of you and you friends, in the comments someone wrote “you're so ugly, you should try to lose weight." You ‘brush it off’ and go on with your life but soon another person writes another mean comment and it keeps coming. That's cyberbullying. Social media can lead to tons of cyberbullying which mostly ends up with the victim becoming depressed and even killing themselves.

So... does modern technology effect relationships in a negative way?

The answer can be yes and no


Modern Technology can cause cyberbullying which as you read is very bad.


Modern technology can also be a way to interact with your friends and also keep in touch with friends that live far away.

So what do you think?

do you think modern technology effects relationships in a negative way?


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