Dogs by: Kate Morrone

table of continence

  • where to get dogs
  • what you need
  • caring for your dog
  • dog love

a scout dog


have you ever been interested in buying a dog? Dogs are loving and kind! they treat you with respect when you are sad. they may be hyper but they are sure loving!

they may want tummy rubs but...

a loving dog how wants a tummy rub

Ware to get dogs

they apparantley they want love too!! If your like me you would get dog at the rescue center. You can also get dogs at the pound too!!! dogs go to the pound wen they have no owner. A pound is like a jail for the dogs. They still feed them food and water though. The dogs know there meant for!

a bunch of dogs

what you need

first you need a collar, in case your dog gets lost. Then you need food for your dog make sure it is the right size. You also need a food and water bowl. You will need a bed for your dog so it's nice and cozy finely you need a leash so you can walk your dog or your dog is going to have an accident inside.

Caring for your dog

Dogs are helpful to people especially ones who can't see! Dogs care for you so you should care for them. Some dogs also help blind people. Dogs get all trained to see its new owner. It takes about 6 months to complement. When the owner says time to cross the owner says time to cross they will cross butt if the dog sees cars they will tug and the owner will know not to cross. Finely if your blind or not you can still have a dog.

dog love

Dogs are very loving. They know when you are sleeping. They know when you are awake. Dogs know what you are feeling, happy or sad does not matter. If you want a amazing friend then you should get a dog.


Dogs are amazing because they play with you and have lots of fun with you. Dogs have wonderful personality's but remember dogs care for you and you should care for them. Maybe you will get a dog someday.


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