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My name is Owyn and I am 18 years old. I grew up in a small town in Buffalo, New York. The town was called North Tonawanda, and as long as i could remember I always had a controller in my hand. At the age of 2 I started playing video games and my first game was Mario kart 64 with my older brother and two older cousins that were another sister and brother too me. All three of them were playing and they had an extra controller and gave it to me. Obviously I lost my first match, but after the first one we played again and I beat all three of them by a landslide. Every since that day I knew one day that I could be a gamer or a game designer. My older brother, Ethyn, he always has my back on anything I do and I have his. He was the one who showed me how to hook up a console to a t.v. with no help. When I hit 8 years old I moved to San Tan Valley, Arizona, we moved because work in Buffalo was going down hill for my parents. So they decided to move all of us down to Arizona. I got better and better at video games because Arizona was too hot to go outside, so i stayed inside and played video games until I got really good at them. Yes not every single game I can be good at okay. I have learned to appreciate graphics and game play throughout the years. Years has past and through the middle of 8th grade year (2012) I found a YouTuber named Jacksepticeye. He was loud and obnoxious just like I was. He was really funny to watch and made me feel good to be a gamer. His content was awesome and his accent was great as well. I watched him through all of high school and still watch him to this day. When I was Junior in high school I wanted to be a YouTuber just like Jack and I still want to be. Going into my Senior year of high school I was introduced to game designing and programming from a teacher named Daniel Sisto, he is a great tech/gaming teacher and has inspired me to become greater then I thought I could be. His class was the reason I want to be a real game designer.

I edited this video to show my game play and prove that I can be a video editor.


This is a story telling game I made in my gaming class and I believe its worth a try to play. The game can be over in 2 seconds or 5 minutes.

This little guy is named Blackjack in a game that me and two other friends made. This is my only pixel art.
This made this screen script in gaming class and its from the Last of Us opening we watched.
This is part of a script I wrote for a group made game I worked on.
This is screenshots/coding of my groups game.

https://spark.adobe.com/page/9t1CN198v7lnm/ This link leads to a funny webpage I made but none the less I still made a webpage.

https://create.kahoot.it/#quiz/16a71e01-c3e5-47c0-8425-f0040a4548ca This is a Kahoot game I created.

I can do a little of everything. I can screen write, edit videos, pixel art, web design, and make game play.

Sorry could't crop out the play station controllers on my background or it would have looked weird.



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