The Art of Reducing Worker Risk Meet the winners of the 2020 Excellence in Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Award.

Becoming a great risk manager can be more art than science.

But these days, the best workplace safety plans combine information science with the art of caring for people. Each of the winners of NU P&C’s 2020 Excellence in Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Award draws on technology to forge better outcomes for workers injured on the job. For instance, JetBlue Airways hired a workers’ comp manager who is also an efficiency aficionado to examine the company’s claims, uncover redundancies, and automate as much of the process as possible. At DaVita Inc., a deep data dive into workers’ comp-claim outcomes revealed that an injured worker who takes a claim to court can cost the company eight times as much as a non-litigated claim. And finally, Baptist Children’s Home of North Carolina became one of United Heartland’s first workers’ comp clients to use TeleCompCare, the carrier’s telemedicine program.

To find out more, listen to our webinar on Aug. 13, in which leaders from all three organizations will discuss their winning approach to worker safety and risk management. Our program coincides with the Workers’ Compensation Institute’s Annual Conference, which is virtual this year.

Read on for more about these award-worthy programs.

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JetBlue Elevates Tech to Care for Staff

Using technology to make the workers’ comp experience better for everyone involved eliminated pain points throughout the claim process.

It Takes a Village

DaVita slashed workers’ compensation litigation costs by breaking down silos and leaning on a culture of transparency and open communication.

Caring for Family

Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina cares for its employees so that they can care for kids and families in need.


Photo Illustration by Tim Schafer