Paul George The Life and CAREER of Paul George


Paul grew up without many friends. He played basketball with his sister often.

High School

George played for his high school basketball team and was not good until his third or fourth season.


Paul George played for Fresno State basketball and was number 24 even in the NBA until his injury in 2014 when someone else took his number. His new number is 13.


PAUL GEORGE got drafted in 2010 and now he plays for the Indiana Pacers.


PAUL GEORGE's overall when he first got in the NBA it was 89 but he wants to accomplish his dream to be a 99 overall Player.


PAUL GEORGE's overall is now a 94.

USA team

Paul George made the USA team in his 3rd NBA year.

One of the Best Players in the NBA

Paul George is one of the top 10 greatest players in the National Basketball League in history.


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