Personal Reflection and Sharing

  1. Volosciuc Silvia
  2. I have been teaching english at the UNIVERSITY of PERSPECTIVA_INT
  3. I have been applying some innovative practice in teaching english
  4. I have been exploring innovative approaches in teaching through participating at different on-line Webinars ,Conferences ,Symposiums.
  5. I graduated the course for Proffessional Development of EFL-online-,,Changing the Approach to Education.Effective and Creative ways of English teaching'',organized by Meta.
Which one of the following tools would be appropriate for recording personal reflections on student learning?
Which of the following digital devices are suitable for creating students own products?
Which of the following online platforms allow sharing of learning ?
Have your students used any online tools to help them reflect on, or to record their learning?
The changing role of teachers in higher education often requires more of a facilitative approach to teaching while students are encouraged to take on more responsibility for their learning.
There are a number of ways to reflect on students learning, and a range of free online tools to help them do this .
When they reflect, they consider the learning process: your students think about what they have learned, and then evaluate the effort they put into their learning and the benefits they have gained.
There are different methods of taking notes, and you probably have a preferred method. Online tools can help with this, from simply typing notes ,students can use range of Apps for note taking, audio and video can be an ideal way to store notes ,for later revision as well as reflection..

As you have seen from this short video, students here at Leeds use a variety of ways to reflect on their learning as well as recording key facts, concepts and examples.

To record private reflections on students learning that may be shared with a teacher or tutor, they can use-Padlet ,Notebook ,One Note,Ever Note, Diary,Memoires,Mind Maps.

One Note


A mind map is a tool to visually record notes. Some of more popular mind mapping applications have free trial or educational versions, the online mindmapping app MindMapFree (
As your education progresses, Students become more of an independent learners. This means they need to develop skills to take control of their own learning, with support from teachers. Developing these essential skills now will help students enormously in their future studies and within the workplace. There are many reasons why students will want, and need, to record their learning and reflect on it. However, reflecting on their learning has many wider benefits for their education and professional development.


Reflection exercise.Developing online and offline learning resources using various learning technology tools will become one of the key competencies of modern day teachers.
Reflect on your learning. Which from these methods of note taking help you to learn?
How to create an effective video or text article and then to have the opportunity to share this with other learners.
It is interesting to see the range of tools the students use to create their own products.There are some interactive tools that I am using with my students .



ALIVE - Movie Maker & Cinematic Film Director

Social media In an educational context, social media can be described as a web-based tool that enables learners to create, share or exchange information and ideas. This usually involves the posting of messages, pictures or videos as part of a virtual community or network. The most widely used social media tools are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Emphasize useful feedback on student performance that is embedded into everyday learning
Provide feedback -Use the criteria to evaluate the piece, ensuring that you are constructive and supportive.

You’re going to be asked to give feedback on the following aspects of the author’s assignment:

  • Comment on whether the author has produced a well constructed script.
  • A video has been produced, provide feedback on the clarity of the production (sound and visual).
Your Students will be able to reflect on their learning and share their reflections through video or a written article. They also will have the opportunity to have their reflection reviewed by other learners.

Thank you

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