India By AMir rizvic

India is a federal government it was established by the Constitution of India.
In India the younger people have a bigger interest in politics but are not likely to vote.
India is the 16th biggest economy exports in the world.Actually Crude Petroleum is Indias biggest import with gold and silver.Wheat spices cotton tea.
In the country of India poverty is showing in a lot of rural areas in India.Just like America the healthcare is basic or extremely expensive.
Actually most people work in a unorganized group of people or by yourself which they would dig diamonds or gold and the world organized jobs where hired by the government.
In India it is biodiverse it really actually has one of the biggest ones.But as everyone else in the world they are dealing with climate change in the cause of pollution.
Back then in India the job of a Woman was to stay at home comfort her husband and take care of the children.And as men they would work just like we did back then in America.
The main religions in India is Buddhism and Hinduism.
In America you have have to finish school by the Senior year where you would be around 16 or 17 but in India the go to school at 6 years old to 14 years old.


By Amir Rizvic

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