TORCH for fans

What is Torch?

TORCH is a virtual passing of the flame from athletes to fans and among fans.

Why torch?

TORCH will generate excitement among fans as they can see how closely connected they are to athletes.
TORCH helps fan discover new athletes and sports.
TORCH provides a way for fans to actively participate and support athletes on their journey.

How TORCH works

Each athlete is given a torch with a flame that represents them and their dedication to the sport.

They pass their flame to family, friends, and fans who become their "torchbearers."

Athletes can also post updates along the way, so fans know about upcoming events, new records, or meet and greets in their area.

These torchbearers pass the athlete's flame along to other fans, who do the same, and the flame spreads.

Fans can see whose flames they have and click on the profiles to learn more about them.

Each torchbearer can see their degrees of separation from an athlete AND the path the flame took to get to them.

Athlete's can link to their crowdfunding page, e.g. GoFundMe, RallyMe, etc. so fans can donate to individual athletes.

Athletes and fans can also see how the flame has grown over time as more fans become torchbearers.

Fans search for athletes or other fans nearby and ask to share flames.

This means you pass along the athletes' flames you have, and receive any new flames that the other fan has.

Fans can learn about athletes by browsing specific sports, seeing which athletes have the highest number of torchbearers, and by looking at Featured Athletes.

TORCH will be available for free in the Apple app store.

To learn more go to

Created By
Anna Penner


Created with images by wwarby - "Flames" • Lake Placid Region - "USA fans in Whistler at Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games" • PublicDomainPictures - "track field lanes" • braveheartsports - "American Flags" • Hans - "candles lights serenade lights" • bayasaa - "Fireworks"

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