Reverse Engineering a Disposable Camera by: Eugene Riewe

Reverse Engineering can be a very dangerous thing to do so you have to be careful. There are many parts, and parts in those parts. The 6 most important parts are the film, the casing, the flash, the shutter, the lenses, the flash circuit board, and the gas cartridge.

This as you might already know is the casing of the camera

The casing is plastic and protects all of the important parts of the inside of the camera, this also prevents light coming into the shutter before it opens.

This is the shutter

The shutter controls how much light is exposed and since taking pictures is mainly about the light this piece is very useful

This is the film, it's a big roll that has all of it's pictures on it

The film is where it stores all of it's pictures by light being reflected off of it.

This is the is the flash circuit baord

The circuit board is like the brains, it triggers when the flash should go on and all the other things that need to go on

The clear tube that you see is on the circuit board is the gas cartridge

In the gas cartridge is filled with xenon gas that generates light and energy for the flash to work

This is the flash

All the energy from the gas cartridge is used to make this flash and shine light to make the picture a great picture

These are all the parts that are in the disposable camera

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