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Sports in the uk

During the year up to April 2016, 15.8 million people aged 16 years and over in England played sport at least once a week – that’s an increase of 1.75 million since 2005/06. Credit to

Swimming is England’s most popular sport, followed by athletics, cycling and football. Swimming, athletics, cycling, and football are amongst the most popular sports in the period between April 2015 and March 2016: Over 2.5 million people were swimming once a week in 2015/16, making it the top sport by a significant margin. credit to

The number of people taking part in athletics weekly has risen from 1.3 million in 2005-06 to almost 2.4 million today. The number of weekly cyclists is 2 million, while football is part of the weekly routine for over 1.9 million people. Other sports becoming more popular since 2005/6– though from a lower base – include netball and table tennis. credit to


After looking at research into the market we decided to make our target audience 16-25, aiming ideally at your average university student this is because this age group is most likely to use applications relating to the topic . seeing as 15.8million people do sports once a week this is quite a considerably large market.

To Imagine a person in our target audience would be an average university girl or boy or any young people, who needs to find a either a location to play sports within a radius of their current location or to find a game to play or a partner to train with or a session to join within the categories, for example with football there would been an option to show pitches to play on within the local area( an idea could be that users could document pitches to the database). as well as this there would be an option to play either 3 aside m/f 5 aside m/f 11 aside m/f or just a kick about.

Market Research

After researching the market to find competitors i found that there is similar ideas out there, it seems the majority are based around dating and the ones that are just about sports are scarce. it seems there is a need for a new website and app aimed at 16-25 year olds. in my opinion everything seems outdated and could be marketed a lot better and the website could be made more easily accessible. although i feel the dating sports websites do seem current and are clearly getting popular, with sports partner having over 100,000 members. This shows there is a interest from the public for this type of idea.

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