JLC After School 3rd Grade Mrs. Rich-week 20

Dear 3rd Grade Families,

Hi! This week our class learned our last letter in our book and the first Hebrew rule in a packet we will use for the next few weeks. The first one explains the "eye" sound and how it looks. The last letter is Fay Sofit, that makes the"f" sound and is also found only at the end of a word.

Here's what we did this week: Our class worked on decoding while focusing on identifying sounds and letters in a "Hebrish" sentence. It's fun for the students to figure out the English message written in Hebrew! They LOVED it! We practiced reading our new letters within the words in the book and worked with our class partners to work on reading fluency. Lastly, we worked in centers playing Hebrew games, making letters and creating with ipads with the 3rd grade classes. Ask your student what they did!

For homework:

1. Please read and complete pages 90-95. Continue to bring the book back for the next few weeks.

2. Please read the lines under the first rule- “eye” in the packet. Please bring it back and forth each week.

3. Study the Aleph Bet "cheat sheet" that students have in their Hebrew folders.

* We will be starting to learn our 3rd Grade prayers in class and will continue to review the letters & vowels and as we move forward in the curriculum. Even though all the letters and vowels have been taught it is important that students review them weekly at home and work on fluency as we move forward. It would be a shame to lose the knowledge they have gained to this point. I am very proud at how far each of the students has come so far!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

See you next week!

Sincerely, Stacy Rich

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