CCT JIL V2 Updates New CCT Cancellation workflow

Search Customer for Team Subscriptions

The layout is such that the teams of a customer are listed along with the role of the customer on the team. Most often, a customer will be part of only one team contract, but it is possible for customers to be Admins/Delegates on multiple teams as well. The possible roles of a customer on a team are -

  1. Primary Admin
  2. Secondary Admin
  3. Invited as Admin (Search possible only if the potential Admin is already an Adobe customer)
  4. Delegates

As per this example, Adobe is the Team where the customer plays the role of a Primary Admin.

AVAILABLE SEATS Is the total number of seats available on the team that are not cancelled. Similarly, seat count against any given product also reflects the uncancelled seats on the product.

PRODUCT / OFFER CATEGORY Products are listed based on the unique OfferIDs. This means that if the same contract has seats belonging to different offers of any given product, it will show up as two different products/offers.

PRODUCT STATUS The statuses at a product/offer level are based on the following custom logic -

  • If all the seats are in a single payment status, the product status is also the same
  • If there are multiple seat payment statuses:
  1. If the seat payment statuses are ONLY Cancelling & Cancelled - Product Status is Cancelling
  2. If there are any other status other than the above two - Product Status is Active

Team Subscriptions on Customer View

The information available under this view is similar to that on the customer mini-view (or the Search Customer view as described above). There is a though an added ability to log TS and CS cases.

Team Details View : Clicking on the team name from either the Search Customer view or the Customer view of Team Subscriptions, the user will be taken to the Team Details view as shown below -

Under this view, there are essentially 4 tabs -

  • Products
  • Contract Summary
  • Administration
  • Action HistoryTeam Details: Products

Team Details: Products

The product view display the list of products of the Team. The distinction of product is internally made by the Offer ID of the product. Offer ID is similar to the SKU, just that going forward, Offer ID will be critical to how Adobe manages subscriptions in the context of Next Gen-Commerce (NGC) and easy implementation of promotions. For instance, in the above screenshot, there are two instances of Creative Cloud All Apps (but they are of different OfferIds).

There is a provision to create cases against the team and respective product. For further access into the seats (Product Management view), the respective product name can be clicked upon.

Team Details: Contract Summary

The team/contract summary provides the summary of

  • Contract IDs
  • Billing, Paid Term & Anniversary (Renewal) Dates
  • Payment & Delegation status of all seats
  • Payment Information
  • Re-seller Information (for Indirect Orgs)

For orders that are recently placed (not replicated to SAP systems), the Contract Summary will be devoid of some information such as Billing Frequency, Payment Type and in some cases Order Id.

Team Details: Administration

The Administration tab is where all the administrator info and actions are possible. Ability to Invite Admin, Re-Send / Revoke Invitation, Remove (Secondary) Admin and Change Primary Admin workflows are all embedded within this tab. All the flows are intuitive, especially for agents who are already aware of the features and the use cases.

Team Details: (Agent) Action History

Team Details: Product Details (Seat Management)

All Seat Management actions for a team will now be available through this tab (click on any given product of a team to drill down to this view) -


  • Invite, Re-send & Revoke Invite for Delegates at Seat Level
  • Remove Delegate at Seat Level
  • Remove Delegates on top for removing Multiple delegates

Add seats to the product with pricing info

Cancel seats (Single workflow for Preview, Creation of Credit / Debit Memo as needed & actual cancellation)

STEP 1 Cancellation Reason

STEP 2 Seat Selection (Only Seats Relevant for Cancellation)

STEP 3 Cancellation Preview / Criteria

STEP 4 [DYNAMIC] Credit / Debit Memo Creation (Depending on Option Chosen)

STEP 5 Final Confirmation + Case Logging (Optional)

Deprecation of Team Legacy "Partially"

Hendrix's Legacy Team Mgmt. workflow will be retired partially as it will stop supporting Direct Teams. So all direct teams will need to be supported via the Team New ONLY. The messaging under Team Legacy and Team New has been updated to reflect this change in behavior.

Direct Teams & Indirect Teams in Team New

Note: Even though Indirect Teams will show up in Team New, we are aware of cases where the products may not be rendered perfectly and thus there will difficulty in supporting Indirect teams via Team New. That is the reason why we are retaining Team Legacy to allow agents a smooth workflow to support Indirect teams. Direct teams will render perfectly though on Team New, and Team New shall be the ONLY place to support Direct team.

Indirect Teams in Team Legacy

Start & End Dates at a Seat/License Level

Based on Customer Care request, we're introducing Start & End dates at a Seat level. This will be similar to how the feature existed on Team Legacy. To accommodate these details, the seats information layout has been tweaked as well

Related Team Subscriptions from the Parent Order

From the Parent Order/Transaction page in Hendrix, there will be option to jump into the Team Subscription Product

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