Midterm Portfolio by: Daniela calzada

The reason I chose this project which is color splash is because I like how the colors stand out it looks so cool the colors on that one object catch your attention. What I did differently this time was that i chose better things to take pictures of with more color.

The challenges I had while taking this picture was the lighting coming from the sun as you can see in the corner of the picture. I chose this picture because I like the angle that I took it from and the color of the leaves look so fresh.

The challenges I had when I took this picture were the reflections from the sun on the window as you can see at the top of the picture. But the reason i chose this picture was because the picture looks so crisp and It's really focused on the sign.

I don't think I had any challenges while taking this picture I sort of just took it and I really like how I came out. The reason I picked it was because the shallow dept of field is really good in this picture and I like the angle too.

The process of taking this picture was really not that hard I just went up to a magazine in the counseling office which best represented the word scholarship.

The process of taking this picture was having Melissa sit on one of the chairs on the library and we just grabbed a random book and have her hold it in front of her face. The meaning of this picture was to show Perseverance.

The process of taking this picture was having Melissa and Aris both squat down and do kind of like a hand shake and they had to show and example of the word Respect and this was the best I could think of. 

The reason I think this is a good portrait is because the reflector gave her a really good light on her face the background I think also made it a good portrait because the color of her lipstick matched the color of the leaves.

This is one of my favorite picture I've taken of Vanessa because that brightness in her face from the reflector looks really good. The angle I took it from I think looks good also.

This was one of the first pictures of when we started the portraits project and I think what makes this a good picture is the leaves in the background the have all different types of red that stand out. Her smile looks really nice because she hardly smiles with her teeth.

This picture I took freshmen year and till this day I still think its a good picture that i took of Chris. 

This is also another picture I took freshmen year which i thought I had the best photography skills but this picture is not good now that I look at it.

This picture I took last summer with my phone which was at sunset cliffs.

This was another picture that I took with my phone I just think this is a nice picture.

My Year

This year I think I did okay I know i can do better and I will do better next semester. I did most of my projects and I liked how they turned out. I learned how to actually take my time when I take my pictures so they can come out really crisp and sharp. I've also improved on finding the places with good lighting because the pictures I use to take had bad lighting. The goals I have for second semester is come to class on time, and turn in my work when It's due .

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