Specialized in interior design and design, Jeff van Dyck’s agency offers its clients a global service in advice and creation. For more than 10 years, our team has particularly well positioned itself, among others, in retail design, interior design and artistic direction. Numerous brands, among the most demanding, entrust their image to us to make them more successful.

We give our clients a team dedicated to all the appropriate aspects to their project: analysis of the competitive environment, brand values, marketing strategy, positioning, identity creation or optimization, scenography and architectural realization, point of sales adaptation and international development, architectural and site follow-up.

Our only constant: our clients’ needs and their entire satisfaction are always at the heart of our concerns.

PUBLICIS DRUGSTORE Jeff Van Dyck Agency reworked the fitting out and the decoration of the famous Champs Élysées drugstore: the bookshop area with its famous totemic column morris, the women and kids area, the wine and spirits area and its famous cigars cave cellar.
VAN CLEEF & ARPELS MINAUDIÈRE Van Cleef and Arpels entrusted Jeff Van Dyck with the reflection and the design of its new showcase display for its new high jewelry and watchmaking creations.
Screen shots of the Van Cleef & Arpels presentation
Van Cleef & Arpels - Bouton D'or, Jewellery display
VAN CLEEF & ARPELS - Bouton d'or, Kit out store
COINTREAU BOUTIQUE - The famous spirit brand entrusted the agency Jeff Van Dyck the development of its new concept for its store. Unique site, located on the production site in angers, fief of Cointreau Company, where the magical of distillation happens.
MOREAU - Jeff Van Dyck Agency accompanied Moreau Paris company for the concept and development of its sales point and so participated to the reborn of the great luxury leather company founded in 1882.
HIPPOLYTE COURTY - Jeff van Dyck was in charge of the renewal of Hippolyte Courty's brand identity.
JULIA HAART - The famous New-Yorker shoe designer, Julia Haart, entrusted Jeff Van Dyck’s agency with the scenography of a pop-up store rue Saint Honoré for the presentation of her new collection during paris fashion week 2014.
View of the pop up store rue Saint-Honoré
STAND EQUIP'HOTEL - Currently, the issue of sustainable development is at the heart of every concerns, especially in hotel environment. natural environment, when it is not too polluted, purifies itself through the natural action of the flora which lives there. inspired by this principle, Jeff van Dyck imagined to import, at the heart of the hotel complex, an ecosystem which regenerate waters.
CAFÉS RICHARD - Jeff van Dyck is currently working on the renewal of the entire production site of the brand aswell as the B2B and B2C corners.
Biocoop - DADA inspired by the dadaist movement, Jeff Van Dyck was signed by group Biocoop for the bio store remodel with a new concept that breaks all the classic codes: modern furniture, tailored design, large aisles and a chic and stripped down decoration.
PIERRE HERMÉ - Jeff van Dyck agency has been missioned to create a new concept for Pierre Hermé’s stores.
BON PARFUMEUR - The Bon Parfumeur called on Jeff Van Dyck Agency to help out with the development of its concept. The agency supervised the artistic direction of its identity and also realized the layout of its first parisian shop.
AUCHAN WEBSTORE “Like at home, but better!” Why go anywhere when you can order from home in a super connected world?” To provide the answer, the supermarket Auchan called upon Jeff Van Dyck Agency. He then created a webstore space, staging the products sold online by category.
MALAKOFF-MÉDÉRIC - For the retirement and contingency planning specialist, the lonsdale agency called on Jeff Van Dyck to create and develop its network of shops.
CRÉDIT AGRICOLE - Jeff Van Dyck imagined a new architectural concept for bank and insurance agencies for crédit agricole. After the branches in Alsace Vosges, the concept was installed in the 200 remaining sites in the network.
VÉOLIA, LE HAVRE - in collaboration with maroon, Jeff van Dyck imagined an educational area dedicated to children in the state-of-the-art factory in the treatment of water for the urban area. the route the water takes, interactive ipad games, a 107 inch education touch screen.
VÉLIZY 2 - Jeff van Dyck worked and assisted Wcie agency aswell as the Architectes L35 in the design renewal of this hectic shopping center using an impacting and conspicuous signage along with a wild themed path throughout the whole center.
GENIPA - Taking advantage of an expansion project for a shopping center (cvz), Jeff van Dyck was charged with a facelift and the facades near the mangrove. We integrated noble materials, vegetation facades for the parking lots, and pedestrian terraces, and established the center’s identity and its geographic territory.
DESTRELAND - The unavoidable guadelopean shopping center of the Bernard Hayot group, both a player and a witness of its diversity. « the entire world is here » on this multifaceted island. Jeff van Dyck was in charge of the architectural design as well as the visual identity of the site.
SAINT-JACQUES - Watch out for the Graoully ! From the place Saint-Jacques to the place des Chèvres, could you meet him ? Jeff Van Dyck imagined and developed the visual identity of this shopping mall in the heart of the city of Metz, in France.
RATP DEV - Jeff van Dyck agency won the contest for the signage planning of the ratp dev’s headquarters, branch of the parent company that develops the group’s know-how internationally.
AGATHA - The 7 to 77 years old brand called on Jeff Van Dyck for the creation of the concept called « classicisme à la française ». We developed it with elements such as hungarian point, moldings ceilings with staff roses, furnitures with subtiles lacquers playing with glittering whites to mat grey and enlighten by the blue agatha that transform the shops into a jewel box.
UNDIZ - The watchword of the most offbeat lingerie brand : « shake my concept store ! » with more than 100 points of sale in Europe, Undiz, the latest and Etam’s group flagship, entrusted Jeff van Dyck the creation of its brand new concept. Consultant on special project, the agency created a concept store guide line totally shake !
SIMONE PÉRÈLE - the famous french lingerie brand called on Jeff Van Dyck for the architectural creation of its first shop and the creation of the new concept of its corners.
PRIVÉ - In the historical heart of the Marais, Jeff Van Dyck retrofitted a flat located in a private mansion and transformed it into an office and a contemporary art exhibition space. the 40’s and 50’s furniture comes essentially from pascal cuisinier’s gallery (motte, gariche...) and blend particularly well with works of art, gilles barbier’s in particular.
RED CARPET 2016 - For the 68th cannes international Film Festival, the prestigious brand entrusted Jeff Van Dyck with the artistic direction of its « Red Carpet » catalog.
KAVIARI - Caviar specialist and referenced in the world of prestigious gastronomy, Kaviari, called on Jeff van Dyck’s agency to support it in its brand development with the revamp of its identity and its website.

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