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People have the right to vote and elect for people to be president

Being a good citizen means that you follow laws,pay taxes and many more.For an example citizens have to follow laws such as you can not shoot somebody or steal from somebody because that is stealing somebody's personnel ownership.Second,citizens have a responsibility to pay taxes of there property's.Third, citizens have freedom of speech but if the person has property rights they can make you stop talking.Finally, being a citizen there is many responsibilities that you have and if you follow them you will turn out to be a great citizen.

Governments are a big deal in are everyday life's like laws and etc

The most effective style of government is monarchy. Monarchy is most effective because one person rules it all.Since one person rules it all it only has to go through one person and not many people which helps with putting laws enforced or rights enforced.Monarchy has consistency because one person rules them all and people can tell what laws are going to be or what laws are going to be taken away.Since,it is constant more people can rely on it and they can have a good sense of upcoming laws or rights.Monarchy is the most effective in many ways which will help everybody.It will keep everybody safe from harms way and all the bad things out in the world.

This is the EU flag and it brings people together

Centrifugal divide nations over many places.All around Europe there are almost 24 languages and it is very hard to communicate when people speak all kinds of languages it is hard for people to collaborate and work together.when countries get into the EU they have to give up some power. That sometimes does not work out well because that can separate the nations. For matter of fact some countries don't want to give up power because they want to rule themselves and not be ruled by anybody else.As of many countries all around people have been making divisions ever since and countries and people will always separate.

Oases are a major adaptions in desert regions

How do people adapt to living in a desert region. Well there are many ways people adapt to living in a desert region.For an example many people wear loose clothing becuase it protects them-from the sun and it keeps them cool.Another way poeple adapt to living in a desert region is many people live near oases.They live near oases becuase it is a good source of water and there are many palm dates and other plants around oases that can be used in many different ways and it is a good place to get out of a drought.Finally all around the world people are living in desert regions and they have been adapting for generations and as years go bye new adaptations are coming into play


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