The Era of Good Feeling

What is it like to be American in the 1800's? If you who think that Americans were uncivilised you are wrong. Americans had a really strong central government and a good economy. In the one year I was there it really change my perspective on the American. At first, when I heard that they were not under control of the British, I thought they would turn to a king and then get overthrown. They showed me that they know what they are doing. They are really good at art they have many types of art massive sculptures and Really good painting. They have some really talented writers in America. They love to write romantic novel. Like Rip Van Winkle written but Washington Irving. The 1800's was an ear of good feeling in American.


When I was in America the art was amazing. They had beautiful paints and massive sculptures. They would always put a smile on my face. The Hudson River School paintings are always really nice. They would like to do a lot of land seapes and mortician tops. There was always a lot of color. They would forces on the mountain tops and the wilderness. They would do a lot of portraits they Would try to capture the emotion and feal expressions they did a really good job I was impressed with how good they were at painting. Folk art is another big on in america The art would carer in letter of wood ad make sing this is big for clost and lot of other stuff. In the art department people had a lot to draw and all the paintings were really beautiful. This was truly an era of good feeling for artist in america.


The American are really big on writing. They love to write, All of the book i read were really good. They love to write romantic novels. My favorite book I read was Rip Van Winkle. It stares off many year before the Revolutionary War. Rip went into the forest and he helped people carry what he thought was a jug of beer. He drank some of the beer and fell asleep. He woke up 20 year, later and explore the free America. There are many other romantic novels such as Davit Corket, Sleepy Hollow, and last of the mohicans.When writing book and reading book it make you feel good So i do believe that in the literature it truly is the era of good feeling.


America are really passionate about their music. My favorite type of American musics is classical. They have orchestras in the North played a lot of classical music. They played a lot of different song. A other music is anthem the but best know as american. Written by Samuel Francis smith. People told me that it is sung to the tune of England "god save the king". The three type of music was spiritual it was a religious fork only mostly sang by African Americans. The final type of music cotillion most of the people who sang or lesion were high call rich citizens. there were many people that weer happy and felt good when singing so it is the ear of good feeling.


The political at the time were really good the president at the time is James Monroe. American don't have a king or queen they have a president they sure for 4 year and then can get re elected and suerve for the max of 8 year and then the people vote and the electoral colleges pick the next president on how many vote each person gets. Henry clay is a smart, perswated talker. He believed that the american future landed into capitalization. "an economic systion based on the privet ownership of framed and businesses." Tci page 246. There was a huge croud at James Monroe fist speech and a new paper titles the paper "the ear of good felling.

Slaves and women

But there are many people that i talk to disagreed with the hull era of good felling. Slave do not think It was he era of good feeling. Slave were forced to work all day and nigh hey did not get any money. If a slave messed up he would be wiped, caned and many other thing. They would not sleep in the big house unless they were he personally slave who would sleep outside of the door of they master room. The other slave would sleep in a small a cabin with no heat and stare beds. The other people who do not agree that it is the ara of good felling were females. For some reason women were not treated the same. They were not allow to vote. Almost all of the women were stay at home they never had job.

American are really high spirited they love everything they do and the are always happy. There are many thing they like to do like Music, Art, and reading book. It is definly a good time in american and definitely a "Ara of good feeling". But many people dont think it was the ara of good feeling.

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