Garrett's Portfolio Photography 1: W7

Rule of Thirds

This picture has very vivid colors and uses the rule of thirds. The focal point is the fire hydrant in the picture. Fire hydrant in this picture takes up two thirds of the picture. I really like the exposure and the focal point of this photograph. The secondary focal point is the grass in the background.

Leading Lines

This photo uses leading lines. The focal point is the pot of flower at the end of the bench. The second focal point is the sun and the tree in the upper left hand corner. There are a few distracting things such as the white truck by the green building that I cropped out. The colors are vibrant, and clash together good like the flowers on the blue sky.


This macro image is of a grasshopper that i captured on a blade of grass. The shadow kinda got in the way, but is still a cool photo. I added a little darkness because it was to bright based on the time of day we go on our walks. And added a little white to make the head of the grasshopper stand out in the photo. Other than that i left it alone and tried not to over edit it.


The chevy bowtie makes a good center point for the photograph. The gold color stands out from the grey background. The wheel was already grey so it is hard to tell that i changed it but i did you can see through the holes that the ground is a different color. There is a nice shadow that comes across the wheel that draws your attention away from the bowtie. I highlighted the bowtie back to original color to stand out from the grey dark colors. The bowtie also has texture different from the smooth wheels.


In the portrait of cadee, i used the color curve tool to add some color to cadee and use the clone tool to take away some of her hair that was out floating away and didn't look good. In the other picture of cadee setting down outside there was a person in the background that i cloned out, and then put a little color curve to add some pizazz . Then the other picture of brody in front of the hangar i just adjusted the color curve to make it look like a filter.

Still Life

In this still life I focused mostly on the figurines on top of the rocks. They were the main focus point, with their spears. The tape that we used to hold the spears on was very noticeable in the picture. So I went in and cloned the tape out that was actually a lot more time consuming, to make it look good.

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