Southern Africa page 377-396

Land forms and bodies of water

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1. Okavango River 2.Atlantic Ocean 3.Orange river 4. Lake Kariba 5. Lake Malawi 6. Limpopo River 7. Indian ocean 8. Zambezi River 9. Lake Tanganyika


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  1. Land form the country of Africa most of African land form are from a range from 3000 to 6000 feet.

Bodies of Water

  1. Zambezi
  2. Limpopo
  3. Orange

"Which type of land form is common in southern Africa?"mountains,hills


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  1. the tropic zone is wet and dry land.Most of the area's get as much as 70 inch of rain per year most of it falls in spring summer and fall from October to may .
  2. Due to high elevation makes temperatures cool.

Temperate Zones

  1. Temperate zone Most of these areas are semiarid. Summer days are warmer they range from 70 to 90 degrees depending on the elevation.
  2. Winter day are cool sometimes with frost and sometimes with freezing temperature on high plains.

Desert regions these areas have usually little to no rain fall a year. In some year no rain at all, but fog and dust oh yes lots and lots and lots. temperature are mild however with daily averages ranging from 48 to 68 degrees.Then when it is hot it can go to 80 to 100 degrees.

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"Why are temp in southern Africa's tropical countries generally not hot."the high altitude.

Natural Resources!!!!!!!!

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south Africa resources in this country this is one of the only sources of profit and wealth. The country sell both gems and diamond or cutting and grinding tool. Some other resources such as coal,Iron,ore,uranium,copper,and other minera

Energy Resources The country has not very much of the sources such as, oil, gas, and natural gas that is about it.

Minerals and other Resources In the 1900 rebels captured Angola's mines supplier of diamonds to continue a 30 year old civil war against the government.

Wildlife: The people are living in within and outside the national parks and wildlife reserves that are nearly every country has created to protect them from poaching or illegal killing game is a problem.

How does deforestation affect the energy supply in the region?

some of there energy comes from bio-energy and animal it is not good and smells bad.

Lesson 2

Rise of the kingdoms

there are several kingdoms in Africa well at least there where a 100 years ago. Though out the kingdoms they would trade Ivory,gold,copper and goods moved from the interior to the east coast. There are also goods such as tools,salt and luxury items includes beads and porcelain etc.

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The great Zimbabwe

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Around A.D 900 the shona people built a wealthy and powerful kingdom in what is now Zimbabwe.The capital of this kingdoms was called the great Zimbabwe.

The Mutapa Empire

In the late 1400 the shona conquered the region between the Zambezi and the Limpopo rivers from Zimbabwe to the coast of Mozambique. The Portuguese arrived and took over the coastal trade in the early 1500.

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Other Kingdoms

The zulu leader named shaka united his people in early 1800s to form the Zulu Empire in whar is now South Africa.HE bueilt a powerful army and used it to exspend the empire by conquering neiboring countrys

Euripides Colones

The Colines are the one of the most advanced that have ever first created in this early time.




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