The History Behind The Odyssey Maddie Braley

This was a time where people relied on the Greek Gods for everything. When they needed wisdom, strength, or help they reached out to the Gods to help them.

The poem focused on the time period after the fall of Troy. The majority of the poem is about Odysseus' journey home. This is a Epic Hero and Epic Journey with a story line so chaotic that it's told that most hero stories are based off of this poem by Homer.

This video breaks down everything, and tells you a lot of backround information that is needed. Like the fact that this poem was written before the alphabet yet we can still read it. There was also many short poems that rapsodes and authors put together through out the years creating one book called The Oddysey. This story is a sequel to the Illiod, a story about using your wisdom as a strength and thinking through strategies.

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