Classic Tales of TERROR - By multiple authors By Alejandra Hernandez 04/19/17

Summary: The book is a collection of different scary stories of some popular authors like Edgar Allan Poe, H.G. Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson, etc. The main purpose of the authors is show to the readers a experience using mysterious scenes and strangers characters. The conflict in each story begin with someone try to discover why the things looks different or why the characters have a rare behavior. In each story always have someone that discover the problem and have the feeling of encourage it; for example in the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, present a lawyer who tries to investigate the personality of the mysterious characters. The outcome of the main characters' effort is achieve with the plans that they have and discover the mysterious or some part of it.

"This is my hour of death. What will happen next will happen to Edward Hyde, not me. Will he hang for murder? Or will he have the courage to kill himself? Here then, I put down my pen and bring the unhappy life of Dr. Jekyll to an end." - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Book Review: The book is about different stories with a very interesting and mysterious plot. Each story show the way of how the author develops creepy events that occur to different kind of people. I consider that the book is very entertaining and the readers feel attracted to discover how the events take place. I really like this book because the stories was amazing and always the stories have something that for me was very surprising. When I was reading, I was doing little prediction of what might happen and always the book tell me something that I never thought. Something that I didn't like of the book is that the plot in some stories like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, is a little bit confused because mention some part using letter and I feel a little confuse. If I must to recommend the book I would suggest that the people that decide to read this book must to be interesting in the mysterious events. I recommend this book because I think that is a kind of book in what never feel bored and you can use the imagination for do your own predictions.

In scale of 1-5 I give it 4

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