Samurai Clara Aulisio p.3

Military society

  • Yoritomo made his own military government to kamakura and professional warriors became the real rulers
  • Imperial court remained in Heian-Kyo but power of emperor decreased, he played a small role


  • Samurais were supposed to be honest, brave, and very loyal to his/her lord
  • Followed code of conduct (bushido)
  • Samurais sometimes killed them selves rather than "losing face" or personal honor


  • Shoguns ruled with the help of daimyos
  • Were supposed to leadsamurais
  • Were supposed to support daimyos


  • Supported samurais
  • Were lords to samurais
  • When shoguns weakened daimyos came into power

Samurai armor and weapons

  • Heavy armor
  • Wore kimono
  • Wore leather shin guards and thigh guards
  • Armor was made from rows of small metal plates which were put together by silk strings
  • Armor was strong and flexible
  • Box like panels on shoulders, chest, and back
  • Had bow and arrows, spears, and swords
  • Bow could be eight feet long
  • Rode on horse
  • Used Katana which was razor sharp
  • Wearing a sword was a privilege
  • Swords were a sign of rank

Military training

  • Taught archery by archery masters
  • Would train until they could shoot without having to think about it
  • Would learn to shoot while riding a moving horse
  • Learned how to make enemy make first move
  • Learned how to stay away from sword range
  • Learned how to fight in tight spaces or against more than 1 person
  • Were taught martial arts


  • Had a special way of fighting
  • Samurais would shout out when battle started
  • Would fight savagely
  • After battle, the winning side would cut off the head of everyone they had killed
  • The heads were mounted on boards

Mental training

  • Trained to be alert at all times
  • Learned about having self control
  • Learned how to stay calm at all times during battle


  • Bushido= the way of the warrior: called for honesty, fairness, fearlessness in the face of death, and loyalty
  • Must be loyal to daimyo
  • Would die for lord
  • Might avenge the death of their lord
  • Guard personal honor
  • Even slight amount of insult could lead to duel


  • If failed to follow Bushido, samurai would commit suicide
  • Would cut their own stomach open with katana
  • Was a ceremony
  • Guests were invited
  • Would take bath, untie long hair, and put on white clothes
  • Served favorite foods
  • Head would be cut off of samurai to end suffering

Training In writing literature

  • Practiced calligraphy
  • Wrote poetry

Training in tea company

  • Had to crawl through small door to get to ceremony
  • Spirit of harmony, reverence, and calm
  • People would discuss politics or government over tea

Amida Buddhism

  • All people reach paradise
  • Rely on mercy of Amida Buddha

Zen Buddhism

  • Discipline
  • Meditate in zen garden
  • Logical thinking

Women in a samurai society

  • Women were able to become samurais
  • Tomoe Gozen was a female samurai
  • Tomoe Gozen beheaded someone for tearing her shirt (she was a hot head)
  • Some women fought with men

12 century

  • Enjoyed status
  • Loyal and brave
  • Rarely fought

17 century

  • Men were lords of household
  • Arranged marriages
  • Under men's control
  • Women killed them selves when husband died

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