In my 5th grade student teaching placement I was required to plan and implement an instructional unit. Once I found out where the class would be curriculum wise I decided Manifest Destiny and westward expansion was the way to go. Pictured here are the flip books my students completed throughout the week of my unit, keeping them engaged and organizing their information.

In every classroom there are students who lose focus due to the amount of work ahead of them. This cheap, easy to use device, in my experience makes a noticeable difference in student focus and completion of assignments. An ordinary file folder can make the world of a difference.

I am a strong believer that hands on experiences are crucial to student comprehension and mastery of content.

The Elementary Education program at the University of Kentucky has prepared me to begin my career as a classroom teacher. Through course work, as well as professional development.

Here I am creating a class Venn diagram using the target, "I can compare the adventures and experiences of characters in stories."

Here I am again during the same lesson, listening to student responses after they have had time to turn and talk to their table groups about the differences between characters in two different stories.


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