Trilobites Roach of the sea

Trilobite means three lobes, since the trilobite has three lobes.Even thought they look like bugs, They actually are sea creatures! They also ate something we would classify as Completely Gross, Bacteria!

The trilobite is important to the stream ecosystem because people can find the fossils and learn about them, and they can also stop erosion due to ow big the rock they are fossilized to is.

The trilobite is both a solid when fossilized, and liquid and solid when still alive. They obviously had air in them when they got oxygen from water.

The trilobite interacts with a lot of other states of matter, including water, which can erode the trilobite, it could fall out of a high place, and break, wind can erode it, and it can be melted by other hot liquids.

The trilobite has a large range of 0.12 inch length, to a 12 inch length! Sometimes almost two feet long. Width varies greatly, at a 0.11 of an inch to 12 inches.

The chemical changes my organism goes through is, when still living, it digests food, and it goes through fossilization.

OMG it looks like a trilobite!!!

The physical changes my orginasm goes through are being thrown against a wall and broken while fossilized,

The energy transfers that trilobites have is eating food and digesting the food and turning it to energy. Also inhaling water and using the oxygen.
My trilobite would be where the water is, probably in the ground next to it. It would usually be in the water cycle would be where a large collection of water, most likely by a ocean, but a stream might make sense.
In the winter my trilobite would be underground. It could be a home for a bug, or worm. Honestly it would be there all year but someone could find it.
This surprised me but there is more nitrogen in air than anything else combined. When the trIlobite was alive, it would breath air.

Water molecule model !!! These are what my orginasm would be close to!


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