Dexter non vactro

August 13, 2016

Forever part of the K9SA family

At six months old K9 Solutions Australia's Dexter passed away due to complications after major internal surgery.

Dexter was born on 20 January 2016. He was the only brother to six sisters, the son of Brooksvale Leila and Nordenstam Yes and joined the K9 Solutions Australia Team at eight weeks of age.

From the very first training session at that young age Dex showed a drive and passion for work and a trainability that you can only hope for in a pup starting on the long path to being a service dog.

".....rest easy buddy, only the good die young."

There was no challenge in those early stages that Dexter didn't meet, showing the strength and character you would expect from a strong genetic ancestry. Even at five months of age Dex was showing seasoned operational police dogs how it's done in man work!

At six months old Dexter had to leave us due to complications that ensued after major internal surgery. As testament to the young man's strength the vet who was treating him in his final days stated that "it is amazing that he is even alive at this point under his own stead, let alone still being bright and responsive".

K9 Solutions Australia's Dex at 12 weeks.

He was taken from us way too young, before he had the chance to fulfill his early potential and go into being a four legged protector of our community. Although only with us for a short time, he left us with many memories and good times.

We will never forget you Dexter, rest easy buddy, only the good die young.

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