"I'm gonna tattoo that on my heart" Tattoos on the Heart (Project by Megan Snow)


Dolores Mission and Homeboy Industries were formed by Fr. Gregory Boyle to help rehabilitate the gang members of Los Angeles. My favorite Story from this chapter is the one of Luis. I like it because it is the first story that really humanize the gang members. The story shows luis' humor and good nature that makes him seem less that a gang member and more like a day to day person. The theme for This chapter is acceptance. Everyone deserves a chance to live their life, bad choices don't make a person.

Chapter One: God...I guess

The theme of this chapter was accepting God. God made everyone the way he wanted to. We need to accept that God is therefore in everyone we meet. My favorite story was the one of Mike Wallace and the 60 Minutes crew. He started off fearful and doubtful of the homies, but grew to understand that they were actually good people. Whenever you see someone suffering or living a life less than societal norm, it is Jesus who is suffering and living in the poverty and our job is to accept and welcome him.

Chapter Two: Dis-Grace

This chapter was about the feelings that homies have about themselves. They often felt like they were a disgrace to their family. My favorite story from this chapter is Lefty's. It is a story that truly does tug your heartstrings. It is a sad story about a boy who grew up too fast instead of a boy who never grew up.

Chapter three: Compassion

Compassion is all about being selfless. In this chapter the theme is compassion to all. This includes gang members, refugees, minorities, and everyone else you ever meet. The best story out of this chapter was Betito's. Not because he survived, but because he died. He was a victim, despite being a gang member, and that is memorable to me.

Chapter Four: water, oil, flame

The theme is resilience. All of the stories were amazing, but one stuck out the most. It was the story about George and Cisco. What made it stick out was the fact that only one of them survived. Yet, despite the pain he was feeling, the survivor refused to give up. George didn't know Cisco had been killed, yet when he learned he didn't get angry or upset and he didn't swear revenge. He simply grieved in a way that was pure.

Chapter Five: Slow Work

This chapter is about taking time to slow down. So often I want to rush through and finish everything as fast as humanly possible. I don't give myself enough time to wait and be calm. One story that brings this to front is Leo's. Father Boyle was determined to bring him to homeboy industries and to get him to leave the gangs. In the end Father Boyle simply told Leo to come when he was ready and, eventually, Leo followed him.

Chapter Six: Jurisdiction

We are all in god's jurisdiction. Both in the actual meaning and in the way the homies mean it. This chapter's theme is love. The story that I feel shows this the most is Junior. More specifically, it's when junior announced to the world how much he loved 'G' and how G was in "...my. . .jurisdiction."

Chapter Seven: Gladness

This chapter is about gladness. Not human gladness where we are glad that a friend got us something, but true gladness. A gladness that makes us want more and makes us want to spread it. The story I chose as an example is moreno's and his simple joy found in G taking him to get clothes and in Biology, because he is learning and he is glad.

Chapter Eight: Success

This Chapters theme is defying all odds to get to a greater success than what you are at. My favorite story in the entire book is in this chapter, it isn't actually just one story, but a collection. The stories of Richie, Raul, Scrappy, and Freddy. The few pages Father covered with their words, their lives, and their deaths were the most potent out of all of the pages in the book for me.

Chapter Nine: Kinship

This chapter is about loving all fellow humans. Kinship is loving family, friends, and strangers. The best story in this chapter are the moments when the homies learn about Father Boyle's leukemia. It is a touching collection of stories showing how each homeboy and homegirl loves G in their own way. Some even go as far as calling from jail to talk to him.
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