The Train Ride By: Karla Hernandez

We arrived to City Hall in Toronto for the election. There was a lot of people there. There was food and souvenir stores.I really wanted to buy something but mom said no. I wasen't looking to were I was going and I fell into a well. I could not get out! I was screaming for help until my mom found me. She said "Tee what are you doing in a well?" I answered back "Oh you know I am just looking for some money, what do you think? I fell in" She said "Ok let me go get help." So I was there for about two hours. I was starving, thirsty, and tired. I heard sirens. Are they here, I thought to myself. "Honey, we are here, are you ok?" she said "Ya, mom I'm ok. Just hungry." she answered "ok, I'm here with the firefighters and the ambulance." So they came and got me out. They tied a rope to my waist and pulled me out. I had scratches and bruises, and a broken foot . Other then me falling in a well that day was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! But I could walk well after they pulled me out. We went to the hospital after the election. The nurses said I had a miner concussion, broken foot, a HUGE scratch on my arm, my whole leg was bruised. We went back to the house and eat. I slept after for about four hours. When I woke up I was SO sore and I couldn't remember anything. mom rushed me to the hospital. We were witing in there for five hours. Until the came to see me. They did some x-rays. they came back and tolled me I had short term memory lost and a cracked rib. My mom was traumatized. The nurses said we could stay for the night if we wanted to. My mom was so happy. So we stayed for the night. I couldn't sleep because there was nurses coming in and out from my room. I finally fell asleep at around 3:46 A.M. I woke up again at 5:00 A.M to go get a glass of water but then as I was waking out of my room......... I passed this room with some X-rays that says my name on it. There was an X-ray of ribs and there wasent just one bone broken it was FIVE broken bones. I was so scared I weeled my self back to my room. I woke up my mom. Yelling at her tell her that I have more then one broken bones. She also freaked out. she went to go find the doctor but it turns out it was a different person they just got the names mix up. so after that everything was fine and I healed very fast. I was back on my feet in a month which is fast because the doctors said it would take 2 months.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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