The Life of an Early American By: Grace McCormick

In the early 1800's everyone living in America was pretty new to the country. They proved to the British that they could be an independent country. By accomplishing this they took faith and hope, and went to war with the British. Brave men and few women helped defeat the British by having pride in starting their own independent country. They are inspired by our founding fathers and are also creating new things too, like politics, art, music, and literature. The star spangled banner gave their identity to the country.

This is a picture of an American flag to show pride in America

Politics in the Era of Good Feelings is split up into two parties, Democratic-Republican and Federalists. The federalist party was nearly destroyed during the war of 1812. President Monroe introduced the "Seventh Annual Message to Congress" which is a policy about national banks and tariffs. Henry Clay is the person who founded the American System. The American System is a way to provide taxes, tariffs, and a national bank. The taxes and tariffs are for imported goods to protect industry and federal spending on transportation projects like roads and canals (TCI 246). It also provided a national bank which included credit and their own currency system.

This represents politics in the era of good feelings because is is a stamp of President Monroe.

Literature in the Era of Good Feelings is mostly inspired by enchanted forests and romance. An example of a piece of literature is Rip Van Winkle, a book written by Washington Irving. One of the most famous quotes he lived by was "Great minds have purposes; others had wishes." Another writer is named Davy Crockett, he is inspired by Indians and the wilderness. He is most famous for his adventures fighting with the Native Americans.

This a picture of a book called Rip Van Winkle written by Washington Irving.

Music in the Era of Good Feelings is mostly about Anthems, Spirituals, Classical, and Minstrel songs. Our national anthem or Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key. The music of this era is to give Americans a sense of purpose to give identification to their country. Jenny Lind is a famous Swedish opera singer and was most known for the "Swedish Nightingale".

This is a picture of a music sheet which resembles old classical music.

Paintings in the Era of Good Feelings is mostly focused on nature, portraits, and Indians. Another type of art is folk art, which is art made by the ordinary people using traditional materials. When the British bombed the white house in 1797, Abigail Adams saved the portrait painted by Gilbert Stuart. George Caleb is another famous painter, he is most famous for his Brigham paintings which is mostly based on work and daily life.

This is a painting of a Native American, painted by George Catlin.

Not all people thought that this period of time should be called the Era of Good Feelings. For example, women and slaves. Slaves did not have the same rights as a white human being would because they had a different skin color. Slaves were sold, beaten, not treated correctly, and are expected to work all day. Most slave owners did not treat there slave with respect, they wouldn't feed them or give them a place to sleep. Some even teared them away from their family. "Don't see it don't hear it" (Sue Monk Kidd, 6). This quote is from the book called The Invention of Wings.

This is a picture of slaves picking cotton, in the south most people did not own slaves because most of them were in the fields.

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Life in the early 1800's was pretty good for most people because Americans started creating symbols such as Uncle Sam and the American Flag, all things like politics, music, art, and literature were up and moving, and the war ended and most people living in America were happy. Even though slaves and women did not think it was the era of good feelings, life in the early 1800's was pretty good for most people.


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