How Cyber Bullying Affects People. By Austin Farr

Today my topic is cyberbullying. For those who don't know what cyberbullying is. It is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. And The reason why this topic is such an important thing to talk about is because so many people get bullied in person or on screen. And is up to us as a community to come together and teach kids not to bully and what to do if they do witness a cyberbully or bully. Find out how we can do this in the next paragraph below.

Pretty much anyone who has social media is in danger of being cyberbullied however there are multiple ways to get help in which I will tell you. First thing you can do is get a counciler the reason why I say this is so you can always tell someone how you feel and what emotions you are feeling. There are plenty of places people could get more educated about this topic try your local library and look for books on cyberbullying or you can go to a school and help create anti-cyberbullying clubs. However if you are a witness to being cyberbullied Stop Block Tell Which you could learn more about in the Next paragraph about where I stand when it comes to this issue and how you can help stop this horrible thing from happening to people

In my opinion on this topic I think cyberbullying is wrong and no one should be a victim of it or should be a bully themselves. Any Social Media (Snapchat, Twitter,Instagram,Facebook) is today's problem in society so many kids have committed suicide because of bullies we can easily stop this with a simple action called Stop Block Tell. The way this works is if your on social media stop what your doing then block that person Immediately then tell a parent or guardian that you were bullied and they will settle it themselves. However if you witness someone being bullied Tell someone about it and they will stop it no matter what. BULLYING IS NEVER OKAY LETS STOP BULLYING FOR GOOD.And Always Remember STOP BLOCK TELL good luck to all you anti-cyberbullies out there.

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