Scented Candles VS Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffusers Choose what's best for your health

Scented Candles

"Scented Candles can be damaging, they can cause damage to the brain, lungs, and central nervous system, as well as cause developmental difficulties."

"Certain candles may emit numerous types of potentially hazardous chemicals, such as benzene and toluene." -Professor Anne Steinemman(an environmental pollutants expert who is a professor of civil engineering and the chair of sustainable cities at the University of Melbourne)
“For a person who lights a candle every day for years or just uses them frequently, inhalation of these dangerous pollutants drifting in the air could contribute to the development of health risks like cancer, common allergies and even asthma” -Profesor Ruhullah Massoudi form South Carolina State University

Essential Oil UltraSonic Diffusers

Essential Oil Ultrasonic diffusers purify the air by releasing negative ions. These adhere to dust particles in the air which fall to the floor, so they no longer threaten your mouth, nose and lungs.
Using Essential Oils with your Ultrasonic Diffuser is KEY. Since ultrasonic diffusers do not use heat, they allow the essential oils to keep their chemistry compound, assuring you reap their benefits in full.
Ultrasonic Diffusers help with allergies, enhance your mood, aid with migraines and headaches, moisturize your surroundings, helps with sleep and naturally aromatizes your living space. Essential oil Ultrasonic Diffusers have endless benefits that anyone can enjoy.

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