In a world that is placing evermore emphasis on rules and regulations requirements, ship officers are committed to registering several internal forms and log books in hard copy because of different duties and responsibilities.

Currently, the attention paid to bilge and sludge is particularly high in terms of reporting, controls from the office, environmental impacts and for the reduction of possible infringements of regulations.

Maritime environmental regulations

To support the market with the right solutions, IB developed InfoSHIP®ELB (Electronic Log Book), a system designed for the electronic recording of daily onboard operations.

In this regard, the management of Bilge and Sludge onboard the ships has become an even more important topic.

InfoSHIP®ELB-ORB (Oil Record Books) is specifically designed for common tank operations such as daily soundings and monitoring the congruence between the retained on board quantity of bilge and sludge and the current storage capacity of the tanks.

EVO ORB can be customized for each vessel requirements


  • Accurate compliance to the new and upcoming regulations
  • Valid entries to log coherent values
  • Reliability of recorded data in MARPOL findings
  • Access only to authorized users and data security
  • Smart data accessibility
  • On shore data transmission
  • Valuable tool to protect the crew and the company
  • Ready-to-use information at ports

The system allows all users to improve their record keeping operations to comply with regulations. It is able to control data coherence ensuring that the info herein inserted is reliable.

Simplification in data entry activity enhances daily reporting tasks, with the benefit of dramatically reducing time consumption and the workload of the officers on-board.


It is possible to perform an ORB operation by clicking directly on the tanks.

Example: for the selected IOPP tank only two activities are allowed in accordance with MARPOL


By selecting the reference period the report will be visualized in the official template.

The report has the same form as the hard copy version and fully compliant to MARPOL Regulation. Only approved records will be printed, meaning the records which have been completely signed, as per all levels required.

Example: the system allows to print the official Oil Record Book report


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