Willow Walk Dog Walk Johnny Lankford, owner

1.I came up with this business after thinking about what I really love to do and the special skills I have in this area. I have always loved dog and I am really good at dogs.
2.It all started when I was young and found out I loved dogs with my first dog my family had I knew. I loved playing with my dogs and still still play with them every week.
3.I live with four dogs and they love to play with me and I love to play with them.
4.My skill that would help with my plan is that I am good with dogs and love to play with them.
5.My target customers are dog owners who have a lot of work. This is because they will let me walk their dog(s) because they are busy.
6.I think I will succeed because I am cheap and my target is just my neighborhood and there aren't any other dog walkers nearby
7.Our company's mission is to make busy people feel less busy with walking their dogs. It is our desire to always provide a service that helps my customers that they could not get any other way.
8. I know there are people who just want to walk their dog but they are too busy to do so.
9. The cost is not much all i do is walk (a) dog(s) for thirty minutes and i just charge one dollar per dog.
10. I will end up donating some of my money to the petsmart charity to help animals.NOTE:NONE OF THE ANIMALS YOU SEE HERE ARE MY DOGS I JUST FOUND RANDOM PICTURES ON THE INTERWEBS

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